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  • Our best man has a new girlfriend and we have gone on two dates with them.  We like her and hope they will continue to date us :).

  • We reaaalllllly like this couple. I've liked her for the 2.5 years we've worked together, but never got together until tonight. It was fun being with a couple that we had so much in common with! I just don't want to come off as too desperate....

    OMG it's like when I was dating again!
  • Oh yay! 7 days now until my dead relative's bodies get to be taken up to Heaven and FI and I have a cookout here with the rest of the heathens
  • Birdie - do you watch How I Met Your Mother?  There's an episode where Marshall and Lily try to make couple friends and are all obnoxious and overzealous with it.. Funny episode.

  • can h and I come to your heathen cookout?  we lived in sin for 5 years - I mean, his aunt paid for our souls, but I don't know if it worked.
  • I like cook outs - heathen or otherwise.  We are probably going to have one memorial day weekend.  Depends on what happens with the realtor's we're meeting with this week.

  • 1. what is project life?
    2.  that friend is...  well...  that's just wrong.
  • Haha yeah I've seen that episode. I hope we're not like that!

    Ok I'm drunk and going to bed. Nighty night!
  • Goodnight birdie!
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  • Goodnight Birdie.

  • Hmm that's pretty cool.  I'm good about stuff like that for about 2 months, then I get distracted by something shiny.
  • That is a dumb thing to like.  A friend of mine posted that if any girls need jobs his place of work is hiring for the service counter... I told him that was sexist and guys could work the service counter too and some other female (who works with him) said it wasn't sexist at all.. D'Oh..

  • KJB - what's shiny?  I like shiney things :).It's going to be a LONG night.  I only slept about 2 hours between work and work this afternoon.  But I did get one of my flower beds weeded.  One more to go.  I'll do it in the morning before I go to sleep whether it's raining or not.  H is going to mulch tomorrow while I sleep.

  • One of my cousins is doing this.  She misses a couple days here and there, but has hit most of them.  She's got a photo of the day album on Facebook.

  • i couldn't decide how to spell it.  Shiny... Shiney.   neither look right to me.  I'll go with sparkly.  Sparkley?
    I need more wine...
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