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Friday night wedding shower

Yay or nay?  Would you go to a friday night shower that started around 6pm?

Re: Friday night wedding shower

  • 6 is way too early. I have plenty of friends who work til 5:30 or 6 anyways, and then they'd have to drive. Have it at 7 (or 8 even) and I think it'd be better. 
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    I'm torn. On the one hand, after working all week (and all day), I'm not sure I would be up for sitting around for a few hours at a shower. For me, that would make for a long day on Friday. However, I might like to just go ahead and get it over with and then not have to give up my Saturday to it. I think showers are pretty boring, so I am not overly enthused about them at any time, frankly. I would talk to your VIPs and see what they think about it. 
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  • 6pm is probably too early--it would be tough if it wasn't directly on my work route (for me, that means metro accessible).  You need to consider your guests and if this would be a significant inconvenience to them.  Like Addie, I think I'd like to not give up my saturday or sunday.
  • The other option is saturday night. My mom is pretty hung up on a particular venue and they are already booked for Saturday during the day. The weekend that the shower ended up getting changed to from Memorial Day is now Mother's Day weekend so she doesn't want to have it Sunday. My thought it to let go of the ideal venue because I think the turnout won't be great for the options but its not my party to plan......
  • Honestly, I wouldn't want to give up a weekend night for a shower. =/
  • I'd go.  I'd rather do that then waste time on a Saturday or Sunday.  And I'd assume there would be adult beverages at a night shower, so that's a plus.
  • Who is on your guest list? If it's a younger crowd, then maybe, but I know my grandma wouldn't like the idea. 

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    [QUOTE]It would be really difficult to get out of work, get spiffed up and make it to a shower on time.  I'm in a hospital, so unless the gift fit in my locker (no office), I would be worried about it all day. <strong>I think your hostess should let the venue go and host the shower at a more typical shower time.</strong>
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    Is there a way I can politely put this without sounding bratty/ungrateful or like I'm trying to plan my own party?  Would something like "Mom I've checked with some of the VIPS (which is true) and Friday night is just not a great option for most people.  Many also said that they wouldn't want to give up a weekend evening for a shower.  I think maybe you just need to find a venue that has a more typical shower time slot, or see if Saturday you could start around 3 or 4, but not a night time thing" be ok?
  • Is there a way to push the shower back an hour, possibly 7?  If it were me, 6 would be right in the middle of my commute home.  However, if it were at 7 and I got the invite early enough to plan, I'd just bring a change of clothes with me to work, leave the gift in my car, and go to the shower from work.

    And ditto PPs, I'd much rather suck it up on a Friday night rather than give up a Sat. or Sun. afternoon.  
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  • Personally yes, but I don't really work, so it wouldn't be an issue. If I was still working a full time then it would be hard for me to get there. I agree that I would assume on a Friday night there would be some sort of tasty beverage there, and I'll pretty much go anywhere for free wine. 
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Friday night wedding shower : I'm with Misssunshine.  If it felt more like a Friday evening of going out with the girls vs a Saturday afternoon oohing and aahing over kitchen gadgets, I'd be more likely to go.  <strong>If it's the normal shower activities, but on a Friday night, I wouldn't be thrilled.</strong>
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    The kitchen is my favorite room in the house, so there will definitely be a lot of kitchen supplies on my registry!  I sent my mom an email saying I checked in with several VIPS and Friday just does not seem to be a good option, especially for my friends with babies who would have to wait for their husbands to get home from work before they could go anywhere.  I mean, it's one thing if someone invited chooses to take a day off work or a half day, but when you get into the logistics of asking someone else to take time off from work for childcare I think the Friday night time slot becomes pretty inconvenient.  I also have a few friends with jobs that aren't 9-5 and making a shower anytime before 8pm would not be able to happen for them.  I told mom it would be such a disappointment to do all the work of planning only to have several people decline and it might be best to find a venue that has the availability for a more traditional time slot.
  • I think it depends on who is on your guest list. For me, my friends would have to leave work early to be there on time. Maybe for my wedding they'd think it was worth it (maybe lol) but not for a shower.
  • I just think it's sort of an odd time.  I wouldn't attend a shower on a weekday unless it was during lunch, to be honest.  Friday nights are time for me and FI to collapse, watch a movie, and decompress from the week.
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  • Thanks everyone.  Update: Mom agreed that Friday night is not a good idea, so she has given up the idea of using her first choice venue for one that has a Saturday day time slot open.
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