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Check, Check, Check!

I had a very productive Friday!! I walked into my office and decided that I didn't want to work, so I left early to do a little wedding planning. I booked my florist! Finally, after 4 meetings with different people, I had almost given up. But, I met JoLynn at Victorian Seasons yesterday and she is great. I am so excited! Then, when I got home, I had everything set to finish up the STDs, so the will be in the mail Monday! Todays task is to finish my DIY cupcake tree. I will post pics when I am finished! Hope everyone else has a productive weekend!

Re: Check, Check, Check!

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    Very exciting checks!! We're hoping to get a few done today :) Congrats!! -curious question. . and you can tell me if Im being too nosey, but was are Victorian Seasons prices like??-
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    Great checks!!
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    Victorian Seasons was extremely reasonable price wise compared to some other locations in the Raleigh area. I am going on the simpler side for flowers, but, for what I am going to be needing for the wedding, I am getting everything for a great price. Plus, while I was there meeting with them they were in the process of prepping for a wedding at my venue, so I was allowed to see everything they were doing and it was lovely. I loved that I got to see real examples of what the florist is going to do other than pictures. I left there completely confident.
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    Those are awesome checks! The florist was the hardest for me to find, so nice work getting it done!
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