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Help the hair illiterate today!


Re: Help the hair illiterate today!

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    Ah, okay.  That makes sense!  Apparently I'm the hair illiterate one today.
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    I like the first picture best.  The soft waviness frames your face really well.  Plus, you mentioned that it's a more versatile style...  
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:fac0ab7e-0ff3-46f4-83b3-e05b810ca635Post:2c34ba05-46b8-422f-a003-29532fa6f51b">Re: Help the hair illiterate today!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Could you cut it shorter and still wear it from time to time in a wavy style like this?:
    <p>Posted by ggmae[/QUOTE]</p><p>The more I look at that picture gg, the more I think that I want something short but layered enough to wear wavy like that... I might have to take a picture like that in and try and explain!</p>
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    I am so very late to this, but in general, short hair when it's hot out, makes no sense to me.  If it's longer you can put it up to keep it of your neck and face. when it's short, you're just stuck with whatever your hair feels like doing.
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    The thing is that I wear my hair down 95% of the time, so it's actually cooler when it's short as it's not all the way down the back of my neck.

    I just went and played with a random website where you make 3d models of yourself to test hairstyles. My model looked like a crazy alien, so entertaining as it was, it wasn't highly useful! haha. 

    How are you today?

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    edited January 2010
    we're good.  it's raining out (again) and need to go to the store, but we just aren't super motivated.
    H is getting ready to call his niece to se what her deal is.  She is thinking of leaving her H becuase she misses Perth (they currently live in QLD).

    I wear my hair down 99% of the time too, but I LOVE being able to put it up when it's super hot out.  The only thing I may do to it, when we get back, is the new Brazillian straightening process.  My hairdresser in the states says it is perfect for my hair and will control the frizz.

    How are you doing?
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    The humidity is always a killer, but when I do actually straighten my hair (rarely these days), it stays fairly controlled thanks to the fantastic straightener. If the straightening process you're thinking about is good, hopefully it will hold up despite the humidity.

    Hmm, interesting with his niece... I gather she wouldn't cope well with being in your shoes, then?

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    well the wierd thing is she hasn't lived in Perth in over 6 years. So it's odd that she is now missing it that much.  It was well into the 40s for a week straight there.  Couldn't pay me enough to miss that place! She is young though, I think she just turned 22 and got married when she had just turned 20?
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    So much changes in your early 20's. I think it would be really difficult to maintain a relationship, no matter how solid, when you're only just getting a sense of who you are. 

    Any other weekend plans? Our saturday night is pretty much over- just had a late dinner as we watched Bruno earlier (and cringed through most of it), and then realised we still hadn't had dinner.

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