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Sending out Save The Dates NOT for a wedding...

Are save the dates just a wedding thing or can I send them out for other parties? {ie, if I'm throwing a huge birthday party for my husband.... can I send out a save the date a couple of months in advance}?

The wedding was the first time I ever sent out a save the date, but now when I throw parties I feel like I want to send them out because they are helpful and fun... but I may be going a little save the date crazy Undecided

Re: Sending out Save The Dates NOT for a wedding...

  • Honestly, I'd probably roll my eyes a little if I got a save the date for a birthday party.
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  • I think I would find a paper/mailed save the date for a party a little weird, unless it was like a 50th birthday party.  I think instead, you could email the key people and then just make sure you send the invites out with plenty of time for people to plan.
  • I would probably just e-mail the very key people with the date.
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  • Oh rats, no fun save the date shopping Cry

    Thanks for the advice girls!!! 

  • Yeah no STD for a bday party..... an email would be fine if you want it to be on their radar or just send the invite early.  There's not as many rules with bday parties, so keep it loose.
  • Yeah, I think I'd find that pretty weird for a birthday party...

    Just send an early invite!
  • I had a sorority sister who is awesome at throwing parties and such send out a magnet STD for a reunion weekend - I think I got it in March and the weekend was in June. It was actually a good idea because most of the people coming were from OOT - not sure if I'd do it if folks weren't coming from OOT though...probably go with PP and just send an extra early invite.
  • I get save the dates every year for the big summer party and again the big winter holiday party of one pair of friends.  I'm coming from NJ to the party in MA and have an incredibly busy life, so it's good to have the advance notice.

    I also just recently got a save the date for my friend's surprise 40th birthday party from his wife.  I think that's reasonable too.

    No reason not to do them.
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  • Are people going to by flying in from out of town for his birthday party? If so, a save the date might be cute but if not, it'd be overkill.  Also, are you going to blog about the decor,etc because I'm interested in the party planning!
  • When I worked at a non-profit, we sent out STDs for our annual fundraiser.

    I wouldn't do them for a personal event, though.
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  • I've gotten Save the Dates for other events, but like gala fundraisers or 50th birthdays out of town type of events.  If it is just a regular old birthday party you could always send out an email a few months in advance.
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