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North Carolina

Alterations in Charlotte - AnnA's vs. Ann's - PLEASE HELP!

I've read recommendations on this board for alterations in Charlotte, and made an appointment at the place I THOUGHT I'd seen here.  My appointment is tomorrow and today I learned that there are two alterations shops on the same street with very similar names: AnnA's and Ann's, both on Park Rd.  My appointment is with AnnA but now I am freaking out about whether this is the correct place because I can't find the post with the recommendations (thanks to TK being totally crazy today)! 

The post I remember talked about how Anna (or Ann) was very knowledgeable about different bustles and did perfect alterations, and the tip was to schedule with her personally as opposed to having someone on her staff do the alterations.

Does anybody have any experience with either of these alterations shops?  If not, can you recommend another? 

As an aside, I did call Olga but it seems crazy to drive all the way to the triangle area for a hem and some sewn-in cups.  However, I do know from the reviews here that she does great work and I can trust her with my dress. 


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Re: Alterations in Charlotte - AnnA's vs. Ann's - PLEASE HELP!

  • comeongetdowncomeongetdown member
    edited April 2012
    i went to Anna's on park road, NOT Ann's that's on park road near harris teeter and that 1900 mexican place.

    Anna's is in a shopping center next to a bridal salon and some restaurant called Toast.

    The lady that did my alterations did an amazing job.  I had to get my dress taken in at least two sizes, in the back (at the zipper) and on the sides.  she also brough the shoulders up some (i'm very petite) and hemmed the bottom which included A LOT of lace.  She also did the bustle and it came out very nice :)

    I was very happy with everything and from everything I've heard other brides say the price is reasonable considering all the work i had done.

    i think if you call for a bridal alteration, you get the bridal gown lady, not just a random staff member.

    ETA: wow, i didn't realize how long ago you posted this... the NC board must be pretty slow :-/
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