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    not much, I am the more romantic one, she is not.  She is more practical than romantic
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    I think his proposal is the most romantic thing he has ever done -- flying to Disney while I was there and proposing on the Beauty and the Beast stage in from of 2,000+ people.Even now tho, he does random cute things -- just the other day I was kinda feeling down and was talking to him on the phone.  A little while later, my phone rings again and it's him calling back to see how I was feeling...and to tell me to open the door b/c he came to surprise me with a hug and Rita's Swedish Fish ice.  I love him!Jen (Yankee) - your story made my eyes water...just a little. :0)
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    I was unexpectedly fired from a job last year and I called him right after it happened to talk about it and vent/cry/whatever. I had to stay the rest of the day and I drove to my apartment (we lived separately at the time, and we'd eat dinner at our own places because of our different work schedules) in a totally bad mood. He had let himself in, tidied up, had a vase of flowers sitting on the table and was at the stove making dinner. He's done a lot of other nice stuff, but that one stands out in my mind right now.
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    He does a lot of things but last week since FH is not working now when I came home I found out that he assembled all the invitations and put the bows on all of them :) 
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