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spa: elements or reflections?

i wanted to try one of the crystal springs spas (unless you can recommend another day spa but that has that getaway feel -- i like all the glitz, relaxation rooms, co-ed/private tubs, etc. not just a massage room) -- been to elements or the new reflections?  recommendations?it's our anniversary :)  we have just been so busy it's been hard to plan.  DH was very nice and booked a whole day at the fountain, but i really don't like this place.  nice massages but it's just nothing special at all.thoughts?  thanks! 

Re: spa: elements or reflections?

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    I've never been, but always wanted to try it. But just wanted to say Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it's been a year.
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    Sorry, I don't have any recs, but I wanted to say... Happy Anniversary!
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    Happy Anniversary! I was at minerals a few weeks ago I did not have a massage but the place looked really nice!
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    No Recs but Happy Anniversary!!!   I have heard good things about both though.
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    thanks guys!  ive been to minerals a few times for other events, but not the spa... so we decided to try this new reflections at the new lodge.  looks nice!  bye ;)
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    I went to elements the morning of my wedding. The place is beautiful and had a lot of amenities. The massage was good, but I didn't really enjoy the place cuz I was on a deadline.
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    im late! Sorry! But Happy Anniversary!!!!And my sis in law got married at crystal springs and we were there when they were building the new reflections spa! It looked amazing!! Def let me know how it is!! I may go for my 30th bday w/ the girls!
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    Happy anniversary!  I was at the Grande Cascades at crystal springs last winter - it is fabulous.  THey were still building the spa but it looked really nice.  W ehad dinner at Latour, which was also really good, especially if you like wine.
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    Both spas are excellent.  Elements costs less but you still get top notch service.  Reflections is new and posh.  You get champagne, truffles, etc while you wait.  You definitely pay for the poshness.  If you're looking to splurge, treat yourself to Reflections.  There were several couples when we went over Labor Day Weekend.
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