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Does anyone know of..?

I inherited a really nice antique ring. The lady's wish was that I sell it and use the money to pay off some student loans. Anyways, does anyone know of a jeweler in the Raleigh area that buys antique jewelry?

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Re: Does anyone know of..?

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    No, unfortunately- there is a really great store in Southpark in Charlotte that does, and I know my friend in Richmond just gave his ring to a regular jeweler that had a consignment section. If you ask a local jeweler they'll probably know of some places.

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    hmm I don't know of anyone for sure but maybe Jolly's in North Hills? 
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    Maybe Johnson's in Olde Raleigh?
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    Hi!  I'm new to the boards.  Joint Venture Estate Jewelers in Cary buys and sells antique rings.  I have not had any personal dealings with them, but maybe you could go by there.  I would suggest getting the ring appraised first.
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    There's a shop in Five Points that sells antique jewelry.  It's in the same building as the post office across from the Wachovia.
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    Sparrowood Jewelers on Edwards Mill  I believe buys it too.
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    This is going to sound crazy but Reliable Loan and Pawn downtown will, and not as if you were going to pawn it. They have an AMAZING jeweler there - even have a massive diamond vault in the back. It looks sort of sketch from the outside, and well, sort of on the inside too, but it really isn't. 
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