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Is this unavoidable...?

Invites going out this weekend!!! YAY!!! Beyond excited to start mailbox stalking!!! =)

Seems like I have seen A LOT of people on these boards talking about chasing down the non~RSVP'ers. So crazy! What is with people these days? Is this (unfortunately) an unavoidable part of the invitation process!?!? Did anyone NOT have to track people down...?
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Re: Is this unavoidable...?

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    uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    We had to chase down 3 or 4.  All were nos.  We had problem with some of the replies showing up mangled or weeks after they had been sent (thank you post office!) so we used that as the excuse -- "We're sorry if you already sent it, but we've had problems with the post office and haven't received your reply yet..."

    I think it depends on your crowd, but in a group of 200 people or more you're bound to have some flakes.
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    I waited over a week after my RSVP date to start chasing people, and we still had a lot of outstanding ones. I guess there's not much you can do- yup, unavoidable.

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    Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    We didn't have too many to chase down.  Under 10 guests I believe it was. We had a couple that we couldn't even get a hold of so we just put them as no's.  We also had people who said oh I thought I'd just tell you in person I was coming or you should have known I was coming.  There's a reason for the postage, idiot.
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    All the brides in the weddings I have been in had to chase down people. With all the mail you get sometimes, I think it is easy for a few people to forget.
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