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Elfster/Secret Santa exchange questions

How do we get a person's address to mail the gift? Any suggestions for someone with no wishlist or do not buy items???

Re: Elfster/Secret Santa exchange questions

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    You can "ask a question" on there, directly to your person without them knowing who you are. I cant remember exactly how to do it, Elfster is blocked at work so I cant look now, but it should be pretty simple if you log in and go to our exchange.

    Also, you can ask them what their favorite scents are, colors, stores, etc. and that should give you some direction. Or just flat out ask them for some ideas on what they'd like Laughing

    I set the exchange to where the secret santa can see your address, you should be able to see your person's, UNLESS they didnt put in their address. If you dont see an address, send them a direct message ('ask a question') and ask them what it is. HTH!
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    Yeah, you can put your address in your profile. Perhaps we all should do that. The group seems secure since you had to be invited by Katherine to join it.

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    I clicked on one of my person's gifts they wanted, and somehow the address appeared after that.  Where it wasn't showing when I just looked at their general profile.  I haven't been back on since, so maybe its showing now....
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