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New Jersey

Hampton Inn vs Fairfield Executive Inn?

FutureMrsN3312FutureMrsN3312 Dirty Jersey member
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Hi Ladies!

I'm going to check out these hotels this week to block off rooms for my wedding next May (at The Tides Estate)

Is one better then the other?

Anything I need to look out for when booking?

Any reviews or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Hampton Inn vs Fairfield Executive Inn?

  • I haven't stayed at either hotel, but I grew up close by.  Both hotels are owned by Calandra Enterprises and they're only 1/4 mile apart from each other.    

    The restaurants are both great, and I believe both hotels offer shuttles.  While the Hampton Inn is newer, the Executive Inn has a strip mall next door with a few restaurants, a hair salon, florist, Calandra's bakery, etc.  

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  • We went with Fairfield Executive Inn. The big sells for us were that I think it was like $10 cheaper a night, the bar is in its own separate room (so if people want to go after the wedding, we won't feel like we're disrupting guests by being right in the lobby), and we liked the little restaurant area better.

    However, they're really both very comparable and offer the same amenities.
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  • I've not stayed in those specific hotels but I travel frequently for work and stay at both chains often.  Generally, they are about the same but I tend to like the feel of Hampton Inns.  I think you get a nicer breakfast there, too.  For whatever that general experience is worth . . .
  • We went with the Fairfield Executive Inn and had no issues.  Hampton Inn wanted to charge to keep the bar open and they were more expensive per night.
  • FutureMrsN3312FutureMrsN3312 Dirty Jersey member
    500 Love Its 500 Comments Third Anniversary Name Dropper
    The prices were the same and they were both offering the same type of stuff.

    I wound up going with Fairfield Executive Inn.  It's not as nice on the outside but I liked that the bar and breakfast areas were seperate and not in the lobby.

    Thanks for your help Smile
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  • We went with the Hampton Inn and were very pleased. I thought they were very accomodating and the complementary breakfast is great for guests.
  • I was also married at The Tides we went with Hampton Inn and couldn't not be happier!! 
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  • ohmrs2014ohmrs2014 Dirty Jerz mod
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    I am going to check out both hotels with FI later in the month.  We do have the info for the Hampton Inn so we just need to talk to someone.   We are also going to look at the Crowne Plaza on 46.  The hotels that are closer to the Brownstone I wasn't impressed with.

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  • I just booked the Executive Inn for my wedding in July. I did not like Hampton Inn as much because of there poor customer service and they were not so accommodating as the Executive Inn. 

    The sales team at the Executive Inn are extremely helpful and nice!!
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