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Good Morning!


i got my etsy hairpins yesterday....and sad to say i do NOT like them at all. i will have to see if i can find something else.

p.s. NO SNOW!!

hope everyone has a great day!

Re: Good Morning!

  • LBM7189LBM7189 member
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    Oh no...I hate you hate you hair pins!  Maybe you can re-sale them in time to buy something else you like. 

    I want snow!!!  I think it is more like I need snow so I can be shut in the house and finally get some much needed wedding stuff completed over the weekend without distractions!  My plan is to knock out the programs, favors, OOT Bags and timeline.  WIsh me luck!
  • pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    Oh no!  Sorry about the hairpins, they were so cute online!

    LBM that's an ambitious list for the weekend.  Good luck getting it all done!

    ~NO Ice!~ I've decided I can deal with snow.

    Today's already hectic at work. yuck.
  • NcsuPsychNcsuPsych member
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    Aw! Will the seller refund?? If not, I'd post those buggers on the 'Trash to Treasure' board :)

    Bach party has been moved to next week during the week (which is fine since now my non 21 buddies can come out with us) and we're supposed to get snow so everything will be alright. It'll be a nice weekend of making a music list for DJ, making our photo guestbook and tons and tons of suckers.

    Ironically FI just said "do you want to go to the mall tonight?" . . uhh lol sure honey!

    Oh! So we just got Netflix streaming on the PS3. What are some good movies? My mind is blanking
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    Good Morning!! So sorry you don't like those hair pins, you'll find something :)  Haha I don't I have ever heard FI say "let's go to the mall". I had to drag him in there to go Christmas shopping, lol.  However, he'll go other places to shop, just not the mall.

    Happy Friday everyone!!
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    i wouldn't resell those!! They were only $10 so I am just choking up the loss and find something at the mall!

    FI loves to go to the mall....I am the one who despises it!! lol
  • wlfpkbridewlfpkbride member
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    I'm sorry you didn't like your pins :-( I hope you find something you like better.

    I love Netflix! If you haven't seen 7 Pounds it's really good. That's the only one coming to mind right now.
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