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Name change, car leases, eyes and teeth...

So three hours and 7 stops later I made most of the big changes. Just have to do the credit cards and stuff. It was fairly painless and I wanted to share the following:

If you lease your car, DMV will not change your name on your registration without Power of Attorney papers from the bank. I didn't know this and have to go back.

I had LASIK last year and wanted to remove the corrective lens thing from my license. I brought the receipt but didn't know you have to get your eyes checked there until I was at the end of the line. Ask first!

And the best is.... NJ is now a NO TEETH/NO SMILE state. That's right; no teeth or smiling allowed on your license or passport. I find this hilarious. We are a state of unhappy people I guess!

Re: Name change, car leases, eyes and teeth...

  • I hate the no smiling rule!  I look cross eyed because I can't take no smiling pictures!

    That's so annoying about the corrective lenses, but if it makes you feel any better, I have never needed glasses but my school nurse guessed that I wore contacts so I forever have corrective lenses on my license until I go to Wayne to take the eye exam (so probably never), and DH who just had LASIK never had the note on his license...

  • Haha...when did the no teeth no smile thing happen? I got my licensed changed in March and I am all smiles...teeth an all in it. Today I just went to SS finally to get my my name changed/card. According to them I am only 39 years old....born in 1973. I said to the guy you entered my birth year wrong, I was born in 1972. He said nope, I only changed your name...thats how your birthday came up....1973. How the heck did I go 40 years and no one caught this???? So now I have to go back with my birth certificate to prove that I am actually 40.....This was after I questioned my parents for 20 minutes to find out if I was really 39 or 40. So wierd....
  • I just got my license renewed last week and have a full on smile!  Did this just change?  I hope not, because for once I actually like my photo! 
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    The lady told me it just changed but I'm not sure when. In fact, I took a smiling photo first and then they told me to redo it because they forgot about the new rule. She had the requirements printed and read them to me... "no smile, little or no teeth showing, no pursed lips and must have lack of expression." I just googled it and I guess they can measure the distance between your facial features to help with identification. Who knew? Oh and the SS folks had me born In a different state. I guess the early 70s weren't so accurate with the info!
  • Oh darn....I guess I'll be getting a new photo in a few months after I get married.
  • This is all very interesting to hear.  I guess you're not really smiling when you get pulled over and asked to hand over your license though. hehe

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  • No smiling in your picture?  That's pretty ridiculous lol
  • No smiling?!  Oh no!  I have to renew my license next month and was hoping to keep the same picture (my fiance was able to when he went a couple months ago) but I'm they'll probably make me take a new one.  I actually like my license picture!!! hahaha
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  • I've had passport photos sitting on my shelf for months just waiting for the forms to be filled out...looks like I'll need new "no smiling" ones!
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  • i renewed my license less than a month ago and smiled! they must have just changed it in the last few weeks! i was ticked because they made me take my glasses off. i ONLY wear them, no contacts except when i work out and i look completely different without them so to me it made sense to keep them..nope! ooh dmv, gotta love it!

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  • Funny I went to renew my license today in Bayonne and they let me smile for my pic. They must not have gotten the memo LOL.
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