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Greetings all! I have quite some time until my wedding but one of my "must-haves" is a fireworks display, and I have no idea if this is going to be possible. I don't know where to begin to search, but I know I want to hire someone to put on a short (10-15 mintues) fireworks display on the beach in Emerald Isle. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance!

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    Since you already have a location.  I'd start by calling the town and asking about what type of permit they will require.  Then ask if they have a local fireworks show at the 4th of July, and who puts that on.  Then I'd call whomever does that and talk to them about your date. 
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    The Sheraton at Atlantic Beach does them frequently, so they may be a good resource.
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    ooooh great point on the permit - I wouldn't have even thought about that. Thank you both!
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    There are several options available to new Brides to enhance your special day! Gerb walks down the driveway as you leave coupled with a mini finale, Table top sparklers to add an extra spark of excitement, and more. Permits are nothing you should have to even worry about. There are a lot of them but the company you work with should pull all of them leaving you to enjoy your special day. Simple effects should start around $800 to $1000. Displays can also be done very close to your audience safely. After all I have personally shot hundreds of displays across the country I should know.
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