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Bubbles - How Many to Buy?

Hi girls.  If you are doing bubbles, how many tubes are you buying?  One per guest?  Only for those sitting along the aisle?  I have no ide how this works.


Re: Bubbles - How Many to Buy?

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    DandT1206DandT1206 member
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    is the ceremony at the reception site?... if so, then I'd do close to 1 per guest (not everyone will take one).  if not, i'd account for 50-75% of the guests coming to the ceremony, depending on where it is in relation to the reception, what time of day it is, and how much time there is between the ceremony and reception. 
    We had 215 guests at the reception and I think I bought about 150 bubbles and we still had left overs.
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    Yup, ceremony and reception are at the same place.  Thanks so much for your reply!
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    Ya, if Ceremony and reception are at the same place, most people will be at the ceremony, so I'd do one per guest...if your short a few, that won't be a problem.
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    kewltifkewltif member
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    I think I bought 150 for a church wedding that had 208 guests.  I definitely should have bought more. They ran out.  I probably had 95% attendance at my church. I was expecting much less.
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