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Where did you register?

We're about 9 months away from the wedding and haven't given our registry a thought. I'm having trouble deciding where to register, and if we should do multiple stores for different types of items. Maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond for casual stuff and a department store for things like dinnerware and bedding? What did you ladies do?

Re: Where did you register?

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    I'm also torn as I've been told to try to and register soon.
    I was thinking BBB, Kohls, Target.  Places like that.

    PRobably will forgo Macys, Crate and Barrel and other places like that.
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    We went with Crate and Barrel for most of our kitchen stuff, Macy's for luggage and larger pieces and then Bloomies for "high end" kitchenware and bedding. 
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    We did Macy's for higher end housewares, BB&B for casual housewares and kitchen things, and Pottery Barn for some decor.
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    We registered at Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond for our engagement party. Places like Target, Kohls and Walmart all tend to change stock to quickly so we decided against them.

    Since it was just for our e-party we did basic stuff, towels, kitchen utensils and a few 'big' items like our Kurig, an big fluffy down comforter and and cookwear set.

    However, when we do go to register for the wedding it will be at Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond again, they have a decent range of items so...
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    Here are the places where we registered and how I felt about them:

    Bed Bath and Beyond - I feel like you have to do this because people like to go to the store and use their 20% off coupons.  If you're going to buy something off a registry here, make sure you go in-store because there are not the same discounts online and if the store doesn't have a registry item, they will let you use your 20% off coupon and ship it free either to your house or the registrant's address.  As far as completion incentives go, I was really unimpressed.  They send you a 10% off coupon, which you cannot use with a 20% off one, so what is the point?  They also have a one night completion event but I didn't even bother going to it because it was a full month after my wedding and I couldn't be bothered.  I just used 20% off coupons I had to get the last few things.  The web site is a little unreliable, sometimes logging you out if you open a product in a new window.  In short, good for buyers, not that great for brides.

    Crate and Barrel - I wish I registered here earlier.  They have a lot of fun gadgets, and check their web site for special incentives like after you registry for a series of items or complete a certain brand category.  They have a good site, an app, and by the time I got home from my one week honeymoon I had a 10% off card that is good for six months that I keep in my wallet.  Of course, the 20% off coupons at BB&B make the same items cheaper, but if you're looking to buy furniture or like C&B only items, 10% off definitely helps.

    Pottery Barn - Pottery Barn's site is pretty good when it comes to registering, and while I love PB and most of my house is covered in it, the one problem you might have is that the merchandise changes semi-quickly.  If you are a constant checker, you won't have a problem, but there are a few things I missed out on because I was waiting for someone else to gift it to me.  They also offer a 10% coupon for six months, so hold off on big purchases like furniture, rugs, etc.  Overall, I was happy with this registry and how helpful the store associates were with returns and catalog only returns.

    I hope this helps you a little, and I think it comes down to two things: your interests and knowing your audience.  Also, when possible, do most of your registry work on the computer.  It is a bit overwhelming walking around the store with a registry gun to get everything done.  Good luck!
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    We did BBB, Crate Barrel and Bloomingdales. Both Bed Bath and CB have been great. I would skip Bloomingdales though. The items on my registry are constantly on back order, or not available at all after a week. I have to constantly go on and add and delete items. I love a lot of their merchandise that is exclusive to Bloomingdales, but it really has not been worth it!
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    C&B, BB&B and Macy's....

    Just a tip - a friend of mine did Bloomie's but it was a waste, most of the things on their site are available at other stores for better prices or you can use coupons...
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    A majority of our registering was at Bed Bath Beyond. We did some at Crate and Barrel and NO ONE bought off of that registry.
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    I did the bulk at Macys & BB&B, and chose some nicer items from Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table.  I'm sorry I did Sur La Table.  I thought it would work more in my favor b/c they have very similar items to WS but not as pricey, but I've learned it's not a store people are very familiar with.  Similar to FutureMrsR's experience, not one single item was bought off that registry.  Plus, Sur La Table constantly removed things off the registry as soon as they went on sale without ever providing any notice, which I found incredibly annoying.  Anywhere that has sales and/or offers coupons on a regular basis is your best option.
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