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Working Through a Tragedy

On July 26th, my fiance's brother and father were in a car accident. His brother didn't make it and his dad is still recovering. We are back to wedding planning and we are trying to figure out what to do for him.

We are doing an Alice in Wonderland style reception and ceremony. We are getting married May 4th of next year.

Re: Working Through a Tragedy

  • What/who do you mean "what to do for him"? Your FI? His dad? His brother?
  • A Memory Candle and/or photograph in a seat would be nice
  • I would probably go with a memory candle or flower (I've seen a bouquet before at a wedding, it was on the opposite side of the unity candles during the ceremony) and in the program, we read that it was in memory of those who couldn't be there.

    I don't want this to come out wrong and apologize if it does, but I wouldn't do too much (like have a bunch of pictures) or anything because while yes, its sad he is no longer with you guys, I'm assuming he wouldn't want your wedding to be a constant reminder of him / him no longer being with ya'll. Also by having 'too much' it could possibly stir up emotions with relatives or even you and your FI. You're wedding should be a wonderful and happy day.

    Again, I hope that comes out right. I've never been in your situation so I'm probably not the best to explain it. I would just recommend, as I said before, a candle or a memory bouquet.

    Im sorry ya'll are going through this. Best wishes!
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  • That is actually a good idea. He wouldn't want to damper our day. A memory candle sounds great for him. Thank you all very much
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