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Hospitality Suite - Mandalay bay

has anyone ever considered/used this as an in-suite reception?? what kinda price is it?

Re: Hospitality Suite - Mandalay bay

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    No Vista suites were availabe my weekend so I considered the hospitality suite at MB, but after checking prices I discovered it would actually be less expensive to book a salon suite at the Wynn or Encore and have a reception there.  This is especially true if you are planning to order food and beverages through Mandalay Bay.  Surprisingly, alcohol in particular is much less expensive at the Wynn because they have a discount rate for buying three or five bottles at a time and, if you do so, they don't charge a fee for the bartender.  Also, when I looked the hospitality suite was only for the event and another suite would need to be booked for the night.  If you use the salon suite, you could avoid adding the cost of a hotel room for the night.  Then con is that salon suites are smaller in size than the Mandalay Bay hospitality suite.

    After a while my head started to hurt, not to mention I didn't want my guests to have to leave the hotel after the MB ceremony, so we're doing dinner at Stripsteak instead and who knows what afterwards (haven't gotten that far despite the fact that the wedding is in less than a month)

    I'll scour my email for the prices and post again if I can find them.  Good luck!
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    What size group do you have? I had Approx 50 in the Vista Suite and it was fine. We also were able to bring in our own Food & Drink with no problem and WAY less then the MB Catering Dept.
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    I want to use outside catering too...It seems MB is my only option. Im expecting around 30, so maybe Vista would be perfect!
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    Did you talk with the Mandalay bay about bringing in your own cater and beverages or did you just do it?
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    I was wondering the same thing. Does anybody know if you can bring in your own food and drinks for Hospitality Suite. I read above that somebody brought in food and drinks for the Vista Suite, and like the last post, I would like to know if they knew you brought in stuff?
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    I am getting married in September and I booked the Hospitality suite, I recieved all the paperwork from the Manadalay Bay and it says all food and alcohol has to be purchased through the Manadalay Bay.  I was wondering if this was the same for the Vista suite?  Did anyone who booked the Vista suite check with the Mandalay Bay or just bring thier own refreshments?  I am thinking of changing to the Vista suite to save on food and drink!

    Any help would be great!
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