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I'm trying to decide who I want to use for my hair & makeup and I've finally got to talk to Lori White and I've talked Megan from 702. I like them both but unsure who to use! Makeup in the 702 is kinda expensive, but I love her work! Argh for decisions!

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    I can't speak as to Lori White, but I wasn't too impressed with my correspondence with Megan.  She struck me as pretty unprofessional, it took two e-mails just to get my questions answered, and I had to dig for the answers amidst piles of ad copy with poor grammar.  I'm sorry, but still giving me the hard sell after my second inquiry e-mail is a REAL turn-off.  That, combined with her insane prices, gave me no hesitation in passing on her.
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    I'm going with makeup in the 702...i have not had any problems with Megan, she has been nothing but professional and quick to respond. As far as the prices, i say you get what you pay for and they're not that the work is guaranteed.
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    I loved Lori White!!! She came highly recommended from my Photographer & I could not have made a better decision. She did my make-up for my engagment session, wedding day & hair and make-up for my bridal session after the fact. Her & her assistant also did both moms & 5 bridesmaids hair & make-up on the wedding day. I would be happy to send photos if you would like to she what she did. I honestly had nightmares about my hair & make-up (we have all had those horrific prom hair dos & purple eye shahow) - Lori was more than I could have ever expected. Hope this helps!
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