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Asheville Videographer Recommendations

Hello ladies! I was wondering if any of you could recommend a decent videographer for a fair price in and around Asheville/Weaverville. I originally wasn't planning on having one, but there was a recent thread on one of the other boards about "wedding regrets", and many of the ladies said that they wished they did have a videographer because the day goes by so fast! So now my FI and I would like to find one... It may just be a pipe dream, though, as we are getting married VERY soon! Thank you for any suggestions you can give!

Re: Asheville Videographer Recommendations

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    If your wedding is truly soon, figure out what budget you're willing to spend and start calling around to see if a videographer will work with you.  If your wedding close enough that they can't expect a full price booking to come through, they may be willing to work for a smaller fee just to make some cash.

    FWIW, I didn't have a videographer and haven't once wished I could watch the wedding again. 
  • My sister got married in Asheville and they had bluhat films in Raleigh videotape their wedding.  They did a great job, the video is incredible and they were reasonable.  Hope this helps.

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