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Nest again

Ok so I can't figure out how to send private messages or I'd just send Laud a message.  But, I still can't post on the Nest with the new screen name.  It's been over a week so it should be past the waiting period, right?  Is everyone else still having problems?

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    I haven't had any posting problems, but it does continue to ask me to 'update' my profile randomly which is rather obnoxious.  I wonder if there's a glitch or something?   Sorry that doesnt help much :o/
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    i haven't had any problems, i also didn't change my screen name.
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    The waiting period is only 3 days, I believe.

    I'd email support on this one & see what's up. Sometimes there's glitches in the system & they have to essentially "reset" your account in order for thigns to go back to normal & allow you to post. You're not the first person I've heard of that's had this problem. I hope they're able to help you figure out what's up!
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    Thanks Laud!  Could you tell me where I can find the email address?  Whenever I click on "help" at the bottom of the screen it takes me to an error message screen.
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    Yes!! My best friend signed up over a week ago, and everytime she tries to post a message on the boards, it tells her that she hasnt validated her email or account yet. So she goes into her email, validates it, exits out of everything and then signs back in, and STILL gets that message!!! She's validated the account about 5 times now! She emailed the Nest member services or whatever, but no response!! Very frustrating.
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    Katherine that is EXACTLY what it's doing to me!  Except I  haven't figured out how to email the Nest member services...
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    Try contacting Anne at [email protected] If she can't help, she'll at least be able to point you to the right person/department. HTH
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    Thanks Laud!
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    Of course now that you give me the information, they've fixed the glitch!  Lol that's how life works I guess :)
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