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Ring Soldering ???

If you have your rings soldered together do you do it before your wedding and then just wear both bands together for a few days or are you normally supposed to do it after the wedding?  The store where I bought my rings said to bring it in about 2 weeks before the wedding so it would be done on time but I wasn't sure if most people do it before or after??
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Re: Ring Soldering ???

  • I've never heard of that; why would you solder rings together?

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    I have heard of people doing reduce them sliding around & so that they match up the way they're supposed to.

    Just wondering when would be better to do it.

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  • I'm getting mine soldered when we get back from Vegas. I think people with guards and wraps for bands do it more. Here is my set, just for reference.
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  • Ah; that makes sense.  My wife typically leaves her engagement ring at home if we're traveling out of the country so that might be something to factor into the decision.

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  • The way mine is I have to solder it or it could damage the diamonds. The jewelry store told me to do it when I get back so that we can do the traditional exchanging of the rings. I've never heard of anyone doing it before the wedding.

  • I'm fairly certain I'll have mine soldered when we get back.  Because of the shape of my E-ring, I had to have my band custom made to fit against it.  They tend to slip apart though when I wear them together though, so I'm thinking it might be best to solder them together.
  • I'm planning on getting mine done when we get back as well.
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  • I want to get mine done before the wedding so it will look nicer in pictures (my band and engagement ring won't fit perfectly together until they are soldered) but I don't want to wear my wedding ring before the wedding, nor do I want to not wear my enagement ring before the wedding. I was considering soldering them before the wedding and just wearing a fake engagement ring for a few days before the wedding so my finger doesn't feel nakedLaughing I don't know.

    But to answer your question, most people do it after.
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  • I'm getting mine done before the wedding because it will drive me bonkers to have my e-ring sliding around in the middle of the guard.  I have a couple of spare rings of my own that I can wear in place of my e-ring until the big day :)    Obviously not as good as the real deal but it's better than 'walkin' around like a single woman!" as my FI would say, lol
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