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has anyone used Freed's?

there has been ALOT of cake talk on the board lately, andi 'm wondering if anyone used Freed's, or at least did a tasting there.  good experience or bad?  was the cake good?

i was looking at their website and i found a cake that i really like.  retro bakery isn't answering my emails, so i'm moving on to new options.


Re: has anyone used Freed's?

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    A lot of ladies have used Freeds and they have gotten good reviews. I was going to use them, but Cake Designs LV gave me a cheaper quote and worked with me more to stay in our budget.
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    Freed's is the most well known bakery in Las Vegas so I would say it's a safe bet but they are definitely the ost expensive. I did 4 tastings in Vegas and especially liked Azea Cake Studio and Gimmie Some Sugar. Azea was the least expensive.

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    they were just okay. no help with design (which i desperately needed) and then wouldn't let me change my order from 7 dozen to 6 dozen cupcakes (keep in mind i hadn't paid anything yet to set the order in stone, etc) then when i arrived to pick up the cupcakes they had given me all white (when i ordered half chocolate and half white) they were able to switch them out for me in about 15 min, but still it was just one more thing i didn't have to worry about at the time. I'm not sure they got the icing correct either, though i was coming from out of town, so i didn't get to taste test and didn't have time to question. Everyone said the cupcakes were delicious, but for what we paid, i'm not so sure it was worth the $$. 
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    Ive heard nothing but great things about this place. And I bet they are very very good. But when a cake for 10 people would have cost me 300.00... I decided to go somewhere else where they are a little more budget friendly.
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    I LOVE Freeds!  I use them for all our birthday celebrations!  BONUS - our wedding cake from there is included with our wedding at JW so that rocks.

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    We are using Freed's.  We did the tasting with Jayme.  They have many delicious flavors (we went with chocolate marble).  We're having a cupcake tower with 6 inch round on top and a custom groom's cake to look like a UFC belt.  Yes, it is a bit more spendy, they've been in Vegas for 50 years and do most of the celebrity and special even cakes in town.  Not sure who the previous poster spoke to, but for design or any other questions, ask for Jayme.  She's been there forever. 

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    i tried to email them and didn't have any luck. however, i just called and they answered and were very personable.  they even said they could customize the cake to fit my color scheme and their cakes are very affordable.  they quoted me a cake that would serve between 20 -25 at 300.  i thought this was a good price.  however, i'm getting married at Bellagio so maybe it's just that i'm getting use to overprice things.
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