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  • We arrive Wednesday the 9th at 11pm. Fly to Maui on the 14th, Kauai on the 20th, back home on the 25th. I have to remember to stop our mail!
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  • Holy cannoli!! Does anyone else look at their wedding ticker and freak out and get excited at the same time at how close we are?!
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  • Eeeeeek! @shoebunnie I totally have excited freak outs almost daily now!!
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  • So my packing is about 90% done and I have to get my beauty stuff done (eyebrows threaded and tinted and work outs) between work and family stuff....... Trying not to totally freak out right now- I have only 2 more nights to get stuff done and then I am off!
  • Just remember to breathe @seniorprincesslnhs. If all else fails have a glass of wine!
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  • Thanks @shoebunnie! I think I am managing OK, but I am about to kill the fiancé (he waited to Friday to buy his suit and it won't be finished until Tuesday night and I leave Wednesday AM and have to take it with me) they just don't get deadlines! I just keep reminding myself that there is a bottle of Jack Daniels and a gym at the hotel (not at the same time, of course!) for all stress relief!
  • @seniorprincesslnhs Ha! I thought mine was bad! We knew we would need to order the suit yet he kept putting it off.  Last weekend I forced him to go to Nordstrom's.  It's a damn good thing he went! His suit will be in April 14, hopefully April 11.  He will need minimal alterations but we leave April 17!! Jack is always a good friend...he's always there when you need him.
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  • OMFG I dont care about "timezone technicality" but its APRIL!!!!! Its HERE! Its HERE!!! Now let me just go throw up in excitement/nerves/happiness/overwhelm/insert every mixed feeling here.

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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  • @missmo14 i was just thinking that its April tomorrow, and April everyone on the huge different time zones!!! I can't believe you ladies are almost there! i just did a ticker we have 110 days!! i can't wait for everyone's reviews:)
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  • Holy cannoli!! Does anyone else look at their wedding ticker and freak out and get excited at the same time at how close we are?!
    I don't have a ticker but just freaked a little at yours date twin!  @shoebunnie I feel like I can't wait and it's too close all at the same time!  
  • @annathy03... Date triplets! Eeeeeek! So close now!
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  • I've almost completely stopped eating due to stress. Sadly I haven't lost any weight (damn under active thyroid). On the plus side at least I haven't had a breakout!
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  • @shoebunnie I have an underactive thyroid too! Get some Synthroid ASAP! haha. Also, I was JUST reading an article today about how important it is not to crash diet the week before your wedding! It won't change much except make you weak, tired and exhausted at your wedding. Better to be happy, healthy and a little poofy than to be totally out of it and grumpy on your big day! :D Getting close!
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  • @Marlaina2014 I wish I was just crash dieting! I'm just not hungry and when I try to eat I feel sick 75% of the time! I was on Synthroid for years and it never regulated me but I've been happily regulated on Armour for about 15 years!
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  • @Marlaina2014, @shoebunnie

  • Eeeeeek I'm so excited! I'm not stressed (yet?) but I'm so ready to be done thinking about weddings 24/7!!! haha. 
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  • @shoebunnie haha, NOPE.  We need to do programs, table numbers, and seating cards this weekend.  I have a few other things to finish but the rest are small enough (like wrapping the bridesmaid gifts) that I'm not worried :)
  • @annathy03 we need to organize our playlist, print out the songs for our guests (if they are interested), my FI needs to get his shirt and garment bag, and we need to pack! When we get to Vegas we have a million errands to run. Oh his suit will be in WEDNESDAY. We leave for Vegas Thursday!! I can't believe he waited so long to shop.
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  • Eeeek! 2 weeks left!
    Everything is done, so the waiting game begins... Can't believe I'll be a mrs. soon! :D
  • Congrats to the April 14th ladies!!!  We want to hear all about your day!

    And to my date twins @shoebunnie and @Marlaina2014, FOUR DAYS!!!!  OMG!!!

    How are your lists coming?  I got table numbers and seating cards done this weekend, plus bought my cake topper and picked up my dress and got the veil steamed.  Still need to print programs (FI is doing that today), wrap bridesmaid gifts, receive flowers, finalize our timeline, book a limo from the hotel to the venue (worst case we cab it), and pack for the hotel and honeymoon.
  • 4 days is so soon! I leave tomorrow morning so I have to finish packing tonight after work (and make sure everything is printed, labelled, glued, put together... ahhhhhh). I also put together a little folder with allllllllll the confirmations/contact info/timelines that I need to go over to make sure I didn't forget anything.

    Then I just have to finalize my playlist for the reception (will do that on the plane ride down) and find some centerpieces and make them blingy once we get to Vegas. I'm just doing simple, skinny vases with 3 small candle holders, but I'm bringing my glue gun to bling them up once I buy them down there - didn't want to transport all that glass!

    And my FI is picking up his tux later today! 
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    We leave Thursday. Today is my last day at work. Yay!! Tomorrow I have a million errands to run and I need to start packing tonight! We need to rearrange our playlist tonight as well. When we get to Vegas Thursday we will hit the ground running. I wish we were going tomorrow! When are y'all picking up your marriage license @annathy03 & @marlaina2014? I found out this weekend the FI's suit will be in tomorrow and he has to still have alterations.
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  • oh my gosh @shoebunnie, it still needs alterations!?! 
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  • @ssteele04 Yes! It will arrive unfinished but it's a custom suit so he doesn't think it will need much. Nordstrom's assured him they would get it done the same day it arrives. On a positive note only 3 more hours of work for me!
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  • Nordstrom was able to do some tailoring for us when my FI waited until the last minute too,  they measured him and did it while we waited!  We told them it was an emergency, it was an emergency that he forgot to do this sooner.  :-)   I'm sure it will work out great, they are apparently used to last minute stuff in the mens department!
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  • @shoebunnie we picked up the marriage license a couple weeks ago, definitely fill out the form online so you can use the express lane, we were in and out in 15 minutes, and it only took that long because they had non-express people at the windows when we went in.
  • Eeeeeek! Leaving for Vegas in 12 hours!!
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