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We officially have a date and venue!

Wohoo, CHECKS!!!

Signed our contract yesterday with Mandalay Bay Valley of the Falls, and we're doing our reception in a MB ballroom.  May 19, 2012!

Meanwhile, can you believe that both the 5pm and 7pm VoTF slots were already taken that day?  More than 15 months out!  FI and I were worried that a 3pm ceremony and 5:30pm reception would inconvenience our guests, but we had several people tell us that they wouldn't mind having a break in between at all (to quote my brother: "sweet, that's Craps time.")

Anyway, it's done!  Up next: solidify our photog before that gets taken too, and make a planning bio!

EDIT: I acidentally wrote down the wrong date the first time. Ha!

Re: We officially have a date and venue!

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    Congrats! Sounds like it's all starting to come together. :-)
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    Can't believe the ceremony spots filled up so fast.. crazy! congrats on figuring out the biggest piece, it will all work out from there.
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    OMG, booked already. Im a June 2012 so I guess I better hurry up and book if i want it. Im torn between Caesers and VOTF. Thanks a bunch for the info you sent.
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    Congrats!  That is crazy it was booked for multiple slots already that far ahead.

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    Hey!!! I had the same problem!! Im june 2012 and i only had the choice og 12.00 and 3.00! Crazy and it was on a monday! Least ur booked up we chose the 3.00 aswell. It all exciting!!!! The good thing bout VOTF is its sheltered so even at 3 it will be cooler
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    times already booked for 2012? eeep good thing im going out there in two weeks to look at things! (im hoping for june!)
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    Congrats!  MB is THE most beautiful ceremony space in my opinion.  The only reason why I didnt book them is because I didnt care for the look of their ballrooms. 

    PS- thanks for the white knot support! ;)
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