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Reception place idea?

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. My lil sis is getting to get married tomorrow, so I've been busy. I just realized last night that after tomorrow, I will have to be in combat mode for our wedding. I still haven't decide on the reception place. These are the reasons why:

1.) My FI and I recently became 95% Vegan and I hope we will still be vegans by next September. Do you have suggestions for reception places that accomodate to vegan diet, but not veggie burgers? 
2.) We won't know how many people will come until after we will send the invitation which will happen in February and to RSVP by April (just a rough timeline). We sent out about 110 save the dates.
3.) We are getting married on September 28 2013 at 2 pm - Imperial palace chapel. I'm thinking to do the Double decker bus tour and then dinner. What do you guys think of the timeline? I'm debating if I should do double decker bus tour after the dinner, but then it will move dinner to really early dinner or late lunch which will be about 3:30. Do you think that will be weird?

Thank you in advance for all your helps!
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Re: Reception place idea?

  • I can't help with food choices BUT I am getting married at IP at 3:30 (4/20/13) :)  Dinner is early and starts at 4:30, DDB is picking us up at 6:30 (to 8:30- sunset will be around 7:15pm).  I think food first is a good idea regarless of time- I'm thinking people will probably be getting ready and heading to the chapel during' normal' eating times for lunch so they might be hungry...Just my 2cents :)
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  • Ok...good to know that it's not going to be weird to have early dinner. Good idea on the DDB afterwards. I love sunset :).
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  • Plus an early dinner might save you a few bucks, depending on your location?!
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  • ALL of the restaurants at the Wynn and Encore offer vegetarian and vegan menus, start there.  I think either timeline will work well for your guests.  We are also date twins just a year apart, I'm getting married Sept 28 this year!
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  • I talked to Natalie in group dining sales at Hussong's and she said they have many options that can be made to be vegan. Also, the final numbers are due 1 or 2 weeks before your event date so that should give you enough time.
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  • I was gonna do the bus tour after the reception but then thought of the bathroom situation. After drinking people pee alot, haha. I don't think there is a bathroom on the bus. Wonder if anyone's had someone that needed to pee. How did you deal? Kick them off the bus?
  • boox287 ...woohoo we are date twins (1 year apart still counts). Thank you for the suggestion, I know Wynn retaurants have vegan menus, but the price tag of those restaurants are pretty high. We are looking for $35-$40 pp including beverages and looks like probably 50 people maximum.

    afeliz79 thanks for the suggestion. I will check them out :).

    katslack..i think it depends on your route, if you are going to take the tour down to fremont street and stop there for 1 hour, your guests will be able to use casinos' restrooms while they roam around :).

    My sis' wedding went well, it was beautiful and I cried A LOT. After the wedding was over, my family wanted to talk about my wedding. I just didn't have the energy for it. Lol.
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  • We're doing our reception at the Wynn buffet. They charge $37 per person for dinner and there's a maximum of 40 people I believe. Just another option.
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