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Cost to get married at Catholic Church

So we are trying to decide if we should have our wedding in the Bellagio chapel and then have a very small Catholic wedding back home, or if we should just go ahead and have the Catholic ceremony in Las Vegas at Holy Redeemer or Guardian Angel. Has anyone been married at either of these? Do you know what the cost is? And do they ever do weddings on Sunday?

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    Most Catholic churches won't let you get married unless you are a parishoner which means at least 6 months of attending mass regularly and contributing.  In addition you would need to do pre-cana classes and meet with the priest at least once, and you would be counseled by a married couple in the church also.  So whatever Catholic church you choose that is the process.  There may be further delay also if one of you has been married before you would need to go through the annulement process which takes at least a year there is no way around that because its Cannon Law (Catholic churches law).  Or if you are living together that can be another reason they may turn you away that differs from priest to priest though.  We where both devout craddle Catholics, attended church and tithed every Sunday, and have been trying where trying to get married through the Catholic church in our hometown for at least a year.  We did EVERYTHING they told us to do and they still turned us away and took a year to tell us no.  THAT is why we are going to Las Vegas and having an at home reception when we get back. 
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    I understand all of that. My husband is a devoit Catholic and I am Jewish. His church has already put us through all of the counseling and approved us for marriage. We are choosing to have our wedding in Vegas because this is the only place we can afford to have the kind of wedding that we want. I am just curious what the cost is of a church wedding as apposed to a hotel chapel wedding. And if the church will preform a wedding ceremony on Sunday, as this is the cheapest day for all of the other services we will utilize for the big day.
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    Also the two Catholic churches on the Strip (Holy Redeemer and The Guardian angel Cathedral) cater to visitors of Las Vegas.
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    If you call the churches, they will tell you the cost and requirements.  I know most of them are around $700.  Not too sure about the strip churches.
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    I tried finding some info on the web and it dosen't look like they have any info.  You should just call the churches directly.  When you call say up front that you have been through pre-cana and priest counseling so they don't blow you off.  I know Las Vegas is different but in MI the churches that allow non-parishoners to get married range from $1,500 - $3,000 for use of the church only.  And then you need to pay additional for the priest and wedding cordinator. But like I said that is just MI.  I am not sure about a Sunday mass?  I know there is a Catholic Wedding board on the knot, they may be able to answer that question for you.  I know my former church only did Friday and Saturday but I don't know if there was a reason why.  Another option also is I know at the Bellagio where I am getting married you can pay extra to have a Catholic priest however the marriage is not recognized by the Catholic church.  I don't know if they offer that at other venues on the strip?  Whatever you choose best of luck, to you, it is very special to have a church ceremony.
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    Also check out former brides on the bio list.  I see some of them had Catholic cermeony's at the Las Vegas churches you named.  Maybe you could try to contact one of them for additional info:
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