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Cost to ship dress

I know that the cost to ship the dress likely depends on how far it needs to travel, but I was getting curious how much it has cost previous brides to ship their dress out for the big day.  Did you insure the shipment? FedEx, UPS, or Postal?  Thanks in advance for any information/recommendations!!

Re: Cost to ship dress

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    I shipped my dress for the wedding via FedEx from Rome, it cost me 160 euros. Recently I shipped it again to have it cleaned using USPS, I unsured it for $3K and it cost me $50.
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    The insurance can end up costing more than the shipping so hard to say how much it should be without knowing how much you need to insure for.  My wife got a second seat on Southwest for her dress for about $80 since we booked so early; that was way cheaper than it would have been to insure and air-ship it, plus piece of mind.

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    Wow, $80 for a flight!  That is unheard of where I am in Cincinnati.  That is great luck.  Our flights are above $400 each.
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