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I am starting to research locations for our honeymoon. We will be going at the end of May- the first week of June. I want to go somewhere where we can lay on the beach , eat, drink and relax but I do not want to spend a ton of money. Does anyone have any suggestions or resorts to suggest?
I am in Cary, NC so I am not sure if anyone used a travel agent in the area.
Thank you!
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Re: Honeymoon Help

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    are you thinking US beach or caribbean? and what is your budget? these will be helpful :)
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    I vacationed at Hilton Head (SC) years ago and absolutely loved it.  There are pricey hotels and there are more discounted hotels, so it would all depend on your budget.  Also, if you want to drive longer or perhaps fly, there is a beautiful beach at Panama City, FL -- I think there is a resort there called White Sands or something nearby called that -- it is really really beautiful and doesn't cost as much as your typical "beach" towns like Miami or Daytona.  

    Myrtle Beach is always popular but since it's such a popular tourist spot, I wouldn't go there for a HM.  You could always look at North outerbanks like North Topsail, Atlantic Beach, anywhere on the Crystal Coast, or the Elizabeth City area. 

    If you're looking beyond the southeastern US ... I'm not much help.  Sorry! 
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    My FMIL is at Edisto Island in SC right's about 45 minutes south of Charleston. She said it is very quiet, and beautiful. 

    If you're looking for Caribbean, we are going to St. Thomas, but the side of the island that is not touristy. 
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    We are going to Aruba for our honeymoon. We are in Cary too and we are not using a travel agent. I don't know what your budget is but for 5 nights on priceline including insurance and airport transfer its only going to cost us about $2000 and I think that is an awesome deal!

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    We booked our honeymoon through AAA and got a good price.

    I'd need some more details before suggesting specific locations or assuming what you mean by "not a ton of money". 
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    We booked our honeymoon through Costco travel.  We are going to Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea but I know Costco has awesome deals for Carribbean and Mexico as well.
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    Xu Puha (sp?) in Mexico is AI.  Check out Hilton Head Resort as there may be reasonable condos to rent for a week.  Jacksonville Beach is nice too!

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    Hey HMZ--have you ever traveled through Costco before?  I'd love to think about Tahiti, but have no idea what the cost would be.  If you don't mind sharing, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.  Barbara

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    There are some lovely beaches around the gulf. Another option might be to take a cruise. You can get some out of charleston, savannah, or driveable ports in florida. Some hotels will even let you keep your car at the hotel if you use them the night before your cruise.  There are some awesome deals of cruises out there if you do some digging. 
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    We booked our honeymoon with a travel agent out of Apex, NC who I think operates independently through a larger travel company. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, because it's one of those "his wife knows my fiance's mom" scenarios, so I can't say we had a really solid reason for booking with him, but he's been good to work with.

    We're headed to Maui that same week (1st week of June), but I know he'd help you find an affordable package for a local or low-key honeymoon as well, especially if you'd prefer working with an agent instead of trying to book everything yourself.

    PM me and I can send you his email address if you want it.
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