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Tipping Guidelines?

I've seen the Freeds Bride Post and I've read numerous articles on tipping guidelines for weddings but I'm just curious as to how much you ladies tipped the following vendors?

Hotel Chapel Wedding Coordinator (i've read 25-100 as well as 10% of cost of package)
Wedding Reception Coordinator (Do they usually get tipped? I booked a reception with an all inclusive package -gratuity and tax, but she, or whichever coordinator is there that day is setting up the reception space for me)
DJ (for 4 hours?)
Photographer (for 2.5 of formal photography, 2 hour break, and 3.5 hours of reception photography)
Did you tip your Cashman photographer?

I've read that you should tip your wedding coordinator 10% of the cereemony cost - With all my floral additions thats going to come to a little over 300! I think that is way too much and I work in the service industry. And I don't even know if my coordinator will be there the day of my wedding.

Thanks in advance for you help!
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