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I need help thinking of a great signature drink for our reception!  Our colors are black and white, with pops of hot pink...so I would like the drink to be hot pink, and would like to serve it in a martini glass. We will be having a full bar, but I wanted to do a signature drink, as well. I have ordered ice sculpture luges for the 2 bars, so I want this drink to be poured down the ice luge to be chilled in that way.  I have seen all of the cute, "cheesy" drink options, and would like to stay away from those.  I would love to incorporate his/our last name somehow...it is Bridges.  Thanks so much!

Re: Signature Drink

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    All I can think of is Nuvo, It's made out ofFrench vodka, white wine, and passion fruit nectar.  It's a pink sparkling bubbley sweet drink that tastes really good on it's own, or you can mix it with other liquors and such.  Here's the site for Nuvo:

    I hope this helps!!
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