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    If you decide to elope and don't want to mess with all the hassle of planning the details, I highly reccommend the Valley of Fire wedding package through the Hilton in Las Vegas.  I attended a friend's wedding who used that package and it was fantastic.  Gorgeous location, super organized, easy, relaxing and lots of fun.  The officiant was funny and created a heartfelt ceremony despite having just met the couple. Even though the video/photog packages seem minimal, their pictures were awesome because the photographers have so much experience with the park and know all the best places to get the best pictures.  Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes because its a short hike from the road to most of the ceremony spaces (no worries- there's trails).  Here's a link if you want to check it out: http://www.valleyoffireweddings.com/Valley_of_Fire.html
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    I think if you want to elope, then that is what you should do! I wish I could, but it means a lot to my fiance to get merried where his family can participate. You could just roll your elopement and honeymoon into one and have a reception for firneds/family when you get back! Unfortunately the reception is the expensive part, so if you are wanting to elope to save money, you probably won't end up saving much unless you forego the reception too.
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    Concider what you and your future spouse wants.  If your fiance wants a traditional wedding, keep that in mind.  If money is not to big of an issue, you can have a traditional wedding, but have it themed as a Vegas wedding.  That could be a fun experience!  If you have nothing keeping you from eloping, then do it.  Make your special day your day.

    Good luck!!
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