Help with making up my mind..

So, once again, I'm here for advice. 
I feel like I'm going crazy with all these questions. 
I originally booked a videographer after meeting at a bridal show and seeing their work. I liked that they had a flexible payment plan, so I put down $300 to hold my spot. 

In the meantime, I found a photographer that I liked that also does videography. They are amazing... significantly better that this videographer. Also, after looking at more of videographer #1's work, I started to change my mind some. It wasn't as professional looking as videographer #2 and in speaking to some of his customer, although they loved him, some didn't get their final videos back until 7 to 8 months later (!!!). I just feel like that is way too long. I'm starting to think about backing out. 

My dilemma is that I already paid the $300 and he already cashed the check. At this point, should I just go with him despite my gut feeling or should I part with the 300 and go with videographer #2 that will also do our photos? Another bonus of videographer #2 is they give a $400 discount if you book them for both. 

I'm so conflicted. 
Any advice would really be helpful. 
Sorry for the novel. 

Re: Help with making up my mind..

  • I would go with your gut.  This is your wedding.  Do what will make you the most happy and will give you what you most want for your special day.
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