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North Carolina

Potential Job Change

It is so hard to not get super excited about my potential job change. I'm currently in my 4th year as a temporary employee at UNC (work 40 hrs/week w/o benefits). The new job would be within the same department, just a different part of campus, as an admin assistant for a group of people I enjoy.

Anyway, yesterday was the first interview. It was just me chatting with the direct supervisor and with the person who is retiring. Waiting to hear if I make the second interview. The second interview will be with the five "real bosses" and the actual boss (on paper). The five "real bosses" all want me to get the job, so I only have one other person to impress.

DH knows I applied for the job....but I didn't tell him I interviewed yesterday. The dress for the first interview was casual, so I know he didn't think anything of what I wore.  However, if I pull out the power suit for next week, the cat will be out of the bag.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


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Re: Potential Job Change

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    Good luck! It sounds like something you'd really enjoy.
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    Good Luck! Love the term Power Suit Lol
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    Good luck!  Why aren't you telling your H about the potential change?

    It's been my experience that if they already know you and they're inviting you to interview you've got to royally screw up not to get the job :)
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    Will this position be giving you benefits. Good luck!
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    I work at UNC.  I'm an RN at the hospital.

    Good luck with the interview and getting bennies.
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    Good luck!!!
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    Fingers are crossed! Good luck!!
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    I would get benefits with the new job. Plus, a nice bump in money.

    Hubby knows I applied for the job.  That all happened in the beginning on November. I just think it would be awesome to surprise him and say I got the job!

    Oh the thought of having vacation time and sick time is just awesome.
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    That's so exciting! I think it's great to have a job where you not only enjoy the work you do, but the people you work with...on top of good pay and benefits!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I think it'd be nice if you surprised your H, but it woudln't hurt to let him know so he can give you a few extra compliments to boost your confidence!
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