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My Florist recommended wristlets for my mom and stepmom - and his mom.
ok, i'm shocked they even still wear these?????     your thoughts?


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    We are doing wristlets. Most women prefer them. They won't poke a hole in your nice dress, and they won't poke you in the boob when they come loose. ;)
    We are doing wrist corsages. All the women in my wedding who would be wearingf them preferred them that way.
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    we did wrist corsages and everyone loved them.
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    Maybe let the mothers decide?  Our florist had corsages that were attached by magnet so they didn't poke holes in the dresses.  I asked our mothers (there were four - two mothers, two stepmothers) and two chose wristlets and two chose magnets. 

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    MOB&MOG carried small nosegays of cream roses & freessia
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    As a MOB, I carried a small nosegay. Loved it! no flowers on the dress, and no annoying elastic on wrist. I was able to put it down, and take it home and put in a vase. I enjoyed the flowers for an additional week!  GL
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    I agree, nosegay or wristlet- corsage gets crushed from hugging, wilty looking, pokes at you... a couple hours in and it's a hot mess.
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    We skipped this for the moms because they seemed dated, even to them. We did this for mike's grandma though because it was important to her. Wristlet, btw.
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