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Hello! Does anyone have a little more information on the ballymeade? Ever had a wedding there? Rough estimate or how much they spent? Anything would help, i will contact them eventually, but i like to here it first lol. Thanks!
- Christine L.

Re: Ballymeade

  • cmartinesqcmartinesq
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    I'm getting married at Ballymeade in June, and so far everything has been great! Christine, the wedding coordinator there, is absolutely amazing, and is so on top of everything. The rental fee for a Sat night wasn't cheap, but wasn't horrible either. They use outside caterers, and give a list of 10 or so to choose from (with a wide range of prices). We're working with Chef Roland (who we love). You only pay for the rental fee, ceremony fee, and bar at Ballymeade. It's great for customization purposes, but obviously not great if you're looking for a one stop-shop.
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    Thier coordinator Christine , is fantastic too and they aren't a cookie cutter venue so real flexible.  the rooms are spectacular and views from the bar wonderful... I was at a wedding catered by both Roland and "eat your heart out" catering... both were good but The second was more elegantly done.   
    I think it is an underused treasure of a venue...
    this was the wedding site room... very elegant

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    Our wedding was at Ballymead and it was so perfect! I am so glad we went with Ballymead. It ended up being the least expensive of the venues we had looked at when you added everything up, especially since we were able to do a per head bar package instead of per drink (worked out better for us because our friends and family are drinkers!) We used Chef Roland for food and it was AMAZING. Christine was super helpful and just really great with the entire thing. I can't say enough good things about it. The one and only caution I would say is, I emember they said the main ball room holds 176, and we only had about 120 and I didn't think it was very empty. I can't imagine putting another 50 people in there. I love their round bar, with the circular deck around it, and everyone told me the Ballymead bar tenders were really great (I never went to the bar the entire night, people just made sure I had a drink :) 

    PM me if you want any more details on cost or anything like that. I am happy to talk about it-- over a year later and people still are telling us how much fun they had. 
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