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Where is everyone at in their planning?

Hey yall :)
I just graduated from college Saturday so now am in full wedding mode until I begin my teaching job in August. Where is everyone at in their planning? I feel behind for some reason... I wanna get as much done as possible this Summer because I dont want to be stressed with my first year of teaching and planning the wedding...

So far I have:
-wedding dress purchased
-reception venue booked
-DJ booked
-bridesmaid dresses picked out
-meeting with florist next week
-meeting with venue about food this week

....annnnd thats about it. What should I do at this point??? Does anyone feel like they KNOW what needs to be done but they just dont know where to start?!
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Re: Where is everyone at in their planning?

  • Congrats on your graduation and the job!  

    Here's what I have so far:
    -wedding dress purchased
    -ceremony & reception site booked
    -officiant booked

    I feel super behind, the FI and I are finalizing the following within the next couple of weeks.  We've been going email and phone call crazy trying to get prices for everything so we can catch up.
    -guest list
    -musicians for ceremony

    I'm pretty lucky to have a FI that wants to be so involved in the process, takes a lot of pressure off of me.  I'm using the checklist through The Knot to keep myself on track.  Have you looked into using it?
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  • Yeah im using it as sort of a timeline ... I feel as though it has to be modified since a lot of what would be taken care of 6 months before, I want to take care of now... I feel like im going to miss so many little details!
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  • I'm checking things off the list regardless of when the site says to get it done.  I say if you have time to do it now and want to do it now you should.  (imho of course)

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  • blush64blush64 member
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    I am way behind everyone here. I have the guestlist finalized. I have picked out the invitations but not ordered them because we have yet to set the hall.

    We have narrowed down the hall choices to three, all of which we will be visiting this weekend. Final choice is 2 weeks from now, we figure.

    Ceremony music is set. (string duo)

    Photographer we have narrowed down to two, both are available. We just need to make that final choice. (by two weeks is what we have decided)

    Flowers, we have a supplier but I need a designer. We are getting the flowers for free, we just need to find someone who can arrange what we want.

    The bridesmaids are picking out their own dresses and shoes.

    We are pretty easy going so we aren't worried. I just know we have to get things done and decided by the end of May/June.
  • Seems really early to be doing the food at your venue. Our tasting is in November...

    Venue is booked (ceremony and reception at same place, which also happens to be our host hotel)
    Photographer booked and paid off
    Videographer booked
    DJ Booked and paid off
    Casino Tables/Dealers booked
    Cake Booked
    Florist Booked
    Day of Coordinator Booked
    Officiant is the Chaplain who is deployed w/ Fiance
    2 of 6 BM dresses purchased, BM shoes purchased, BM gifts purchased
    Tux Rentals booked, will get their measurements when 1/2 the guys return from overseas
    Did my first hair trial on Saturday
    Makeup is figured out - there's a Neiman Marcus next door to the hotel and I'm going to go to the Clinique girls to get done up

    I am trying on dresses Memorial weekend.
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  • Ceremony site booked
    Reception site booked
    Menu chosen (One of his brothers is doing it)
    Collecting off the last of addresses for people
    Chose STDs, Chose Invitations (just not ordered yet)
    Cake chosen
    DJ taken care of (a friend)
    All other baking (groomscake, bridal shower, reception, and favors) -a friend
    Started buying items for decor I am DIYing
    Grams is waiting until January to do FG dress since Im sure she will grow and we are custom making her dress
    Will buy dress once mom has the funds from another income end of Summer (gives me time to finish toning up)

    FI and I are using the knot line as a goal, hoping to talk to my Pastor tomorrow night after a service project to see if he is free and what is required to use him. We go to a bridal show next Sunday to get some ideas for honeymoons and tuxedos ect
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  • Great job ladies guess we all think we r behind. I thought I was behind also
    Venue booked
    Save the Dates --out already
    Dressed --purchased
    bridal party dressed --picked out
    Color --have
    Dj --have
    live singer---have
    RSVP/ INVITES--have
    The only things I have left is meeting with the photographer, bakery n limo service, BM's/ Gm's gifts, n hopefully I'm ok after that...........smh 
  • I'm sooo behind compared to you girls... but we've also been tossed a whirled wind twist in the planning lol.
    So far i have booked my chapel lol- yes, that's it.
    BUT, i have chosen, but not yet signed contracts with:
    my photographer
    flowers (which i will DIY)
    favors (DIY)
    i do not yet have a venue, but have an idea of the one i'd like.. or a 2nd runner up.

    I desperately need to pick a dress ASAP!!!
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  • Okay here it goes....
    DJ - Booked
    Venue - Booked and 75 % paid
    Florist - Booked
    Photographer - Booked
    Limos - Booked
    Dress - Booked
    BM Dress - Choosen
    Cake - In Progress
    Invites - In progress
    Engagmen Pics - Done
    Rings - Paid!
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  • I think I've gotten a lot done but I still can't help the anxiety. Every day I'm still remembering things I need to do. So far I have:
    -Wedding dress
    -Wedding Rings
    -Bridesmaid dresses picked

    I'm doing my STD's this weekend with my FSIL. FI and I need to get a fire under our butts to book a limo and sign the florist contract. I want to find a hotel for our OOT guests before sending the STD's out. AH! And now I'm overwhelmed and anxious again! 
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  • Wow, I guess i'm the one who's really behind lol. I have the venue with catering booked, photographer, videographer, and ceremony site- a local Church.
    I'm getting ready to book a DJ.

    I haven't even started looking at dresses so i'm way behind on that. We're probably not going to do Save the Dates, i'm not too much in a rush to purchase favors, and the florist i'll book after I buy my dress.
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  • Well as an add on, I have dress ideas but not shopping yet...working on toning up, might by a dress bigger for grams to take in. Who knows..no biggy to me...the right dress will just show up.

    Bridesmaids dresses chosen, they all love them

    Really trying to get organized but been having daily migraines...about to start a lot of my DIY projects.
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  • edited May 2011
    I didn't think I was too behind but I'm definitely feeling like it looking at these lists!  What are you all going to do between now and Feb with all that done???

    I have:

    Venue - booked
    Ceremony site - booked
    Officiant - comes with site
    Photographer - booked
    Dress - ordered
    Shoes/Garter - purchased
    Engagement/Bridal photos: Not doing
    STDs - decided just to go word of mouth and a family website
    Invitations - exploring
    DJ - narrowed down to one (this place has multiple DJs)
    Flowers - looking at a couple places
    Makeup - narrowed down to a couple
    Cake - narrowed down to a couple

    All my first vendor meetings will be in Nov since I'm planning from 3500 miles away.  I'll taste food, plan florals, meet with DJ, photog shots, etc.  Then I'll arrive a week before wedding and have any 2nd and final meetings.

    How many weddings can bigger scale bakers and florists typically do in a day?  For ex, if I meet with and make final decisions on those in Nov is it possible they'll be not able to take anymore weddings in Feb 2012?  Unfortunately, those are a few of the vendors I don't want to commit to without meeting...but, I may not have a choice.
  • Ramiau3Ramiau3 member
    Ceremony/ Reception site (same place) - booked. just worked out installement payments this morning with manager
    Menu - complete
    Guest List- rough draft complete
    Officiant - my oldest and dearest friend agreed to marry us. :)
    Photographer - comes with the site & friend who is amature helping out
    Dress - purchased
    Shoes - purchased
    Bride's maids dresses- pictures sent to designer
    Engagement photos: next weekend!
    Invitations - purchased DYI, but haven't printed or formatted yet
    DJ - FI friend is doing this for us
    Flowers -working on my brooch bouquet, have supplies to do my daughters' bouquets, supplies make mothers' wrist corsages
    Favors, centerpieces & gifts - have some of these supplies and are beginning to put together.
    Cake - we know what we want.. not where to get it yet
    Cake topper- just purchased the cutest vintage topper from E-Bay last week.

    I feel in good shape right now.  But that ticker makes me nervous.  LOL
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  • blush64blush64 member
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    Ok, since I was here last I have found my banquet hall and ceremony site is set. I also have the officiant, and the music confirmed. Getting closer. :)
  • holy crap! all we have is the wedding rings paid for. i've chosen my caterer (bm's dad) and maybe my officiant... my godfather's new wife is a justice of the peace or something... ordained to do weddings... possibly my godfather and his band instead of a dj... need to talk to him first, and that's about it on stuff done! i am sooooo BEHIND on everything!
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  • Wow you all have so much done! One of my BM's is getting married next weekend and I am her MOH, so hopefully once that is over I can get planning on my own stuff.

    I have my Ceremony and Reception venue booked (they are at the same hotel my FI is a chef at.) 
    My dress and Veil are order
    I have a photographer, officiant, and thats about it...
    Now I feel uber behind!!!

    just booked venue and reception site!  The Casements in Ormond Beach... used to be John D. Rockefeller's house...   very excited :)

    got my DJ.. err... music is taken care of and officiant

    3 more big things off the list! WHEW!
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