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Holiday weekend plans

So let's hear 'em.... What are you holiday weekend plans??
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Re: Holiday weekend plans

  • we don't have any lol. We usually have a bbq or are out of town for a dog show.. but didn't feel like doing either. i've had a horrible cold the last 4 days :( maybe we'll take Fi's boys to the park and do a bbq and maybe some pattle boating... or maybe not LOL. we'll see. it'll be a low-key weekend :)
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  • nothing planned..just going to enjoy getting an extra day off from work. lol
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  • Today was shopping for things I need to work on DIY for wedding, Saturday we might do some yard sale shopping and Sunday is FI's grandmother's 80th birthday celebration, I get to meet a LOT of his side of the family.
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  • Kizzy, how do you get into the dog shows? Do you have to pay to enter or go through a process to sign up?

    I'll be catching up on sleep- wanted to do some more (wedding) dress shopping but that will be rescheduled. I do have to buy a dress for a christening in two weeks- i'm the Godmother!
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  • Headed to Atlanta with my family and the in-laws to shop and see the Reds/Braves play. My FI's childhood best friend is now the Reds centerfielder and he got us home plate seats... I guess that means ill be those ackward people on TV you see the whole time. Guess I have to go 2 hours without picking my nose. GOSH.
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    Our long weekend was last weekend. (Victoria Day, May 2-4, Firecracker day call it what you want) I barbequed and relaxed. This weekend is planting the veggies, fruit and flowers!!
  • I have to work this weekend!!  UGH.  Short overnights and long days.  Oh well...more money for the wedding!!  I finally have time tonight to look over some reception and ceremony venues online tonight, e-mails will be sent and hopefully some meetings will be made so we can get booked.  Dresses...done.  Venues this week...or should I say this month lol

    Hope y'all enjoy your weekends off!! 
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  • Everyone's holiday weekends how fun :)

    Futuremrscoach- HOW EXCITING about the game!! although, yes, totally awkward! i love baseball games.. but Fi isn't a huge fan lol. although i don't watch it like a crazed fan on tv.. just enjoy a good game in person :)

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    [QUOTE]<strong>Kizzy, how do you get into the dog shows? Do you have to pay to enter or go through a process to sign up?</strong>
    Posted by JadziaDax[/QUOTE]
    I surprised Fi a few years ago with a bulldog. his life long dream dog and we were already looking into getting one. but i decided to surprise him for valentines day. I didn't have intentions of buying a "show dog".. just sorta how it came about. Our breeder first introduced us to the "show world" and we really liked it. Fi was in a bad car accident about 4.5 years ago so his "sports"/ hobbies are limited now-a-days, so it was just something we could do, allowing him to be competative, and us to spend some FUN time together (seeing how the last few years had been filled with many dr visits, surgeries, etc).
    Your dog HAS to be AKC registered and typically "fit" the standard of the dog. of course you can enter a show with a not great dog, but you won't win and you lose your money.. it's a waste. So you enter the shows either via web/fax/in person.Yes, it does cost.  It usually around $20-$40 to enter 1 show for 1 dog. (ie, 1 dog, saturday show, sunday is an additional entry fee).  and you go from there. You can travel, which is more expensive because then you're paying hotel fees, etc.
    but all in all, it's a REALLY fun time (for us, not all agree).
    Our dog (female) is a Champion. which means she's won so many times over so many other dogs. Her dad was the #1 bulldog in 2007. Last summer we bred her to currently the #20 bulldog in the nation, which is where our puppies came from.
    Some people bred for the money.. however, we defintely didn't lol. We lost LOTS of money :( but that's ok :) we didn't sell any puppies because we kept 2 and 2 went to valerie's breeder as part of our contract. our dogs means EVERYTHING to us. we spend A LOT of time and money on them... but we'd have it no other way :)

    (sorry that may have been more info then you wanted lol)
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