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our board is dead lately!!!

So tell me 10 things us you!!
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Re: our board is dead lately!!!

  • my 10-

    1. i've been MIA to every think 'net lately! the internet makes me nauseous to look at :(

    2. wedding planning has taken a serious stand still since finding out we are expecting.

    3. i did something funky to my shoulder Sat night.. it hurt until monday... i pulled it again tuesday night sleeping.. lovely lol

    4. my house is a disaster because i can't stand up long enough to do anything... (Morning sickness is hitting me HARD)

    5. we heard our baby's heart beat for the first time last week. it was the most precious sound i have ever heard <3

    6. i worked at a high quality candle store for 4 years.... i was a candle snob... but lately ive been burning one from Walmart that i love :)

    7. We are going to a dog show this weekend and i'm pretty flipping excited!!

    8. i admit, i spend much more time and money on my pets then i do other people (expection of my step kids.. but you get the idea).

    9. i've recently realized how much DRAMA is associated with Facebook... and am pretty much over the catty emails from my 50 yr old AUNT!

    10. i made sure to wake up, with breakfast and be in front of the tv by time Wendy Williams came on today so i could watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey! - ok i admit, i sleep in until 10:30ish :) but in my defense i don't fall asleep until 2am.
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  • 10 things...

    1. must have coffee!
    2. i am now obsessed with theknot911 app
    3. why does nintendo allow us to put our purchased games on an SD card if we can't transfer them to the new wii?
    4. i need new tires. bad... i was told a year ago they were dry rotted and i still haven't replaced them
    5. i love netflix
    6. i made dean's list again this term! yay for 3.5 gpa
    7. hubby to be really needs to decide if we're going to see my mommy next month... i need a job
    8. i am a chocoholic
    9. my dog must be a piggy in disguise... she sounds just like one
    10. i wish wedding planning was easier and money would save itself
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  • 1) I'm more stressed over inviting kids of people I love (I never met their kids) and not having enough food or seats then I am about dress shopping this week!

    2) I used to manage a high end hair salon and am a total hair snob for styling products but refuse to still pay $17+ a bottle for shampoo and conditioner (I now can officially compare quality haha)

    3) I am a wellness coach with nutrition and almost a certified personal trainer...this after battling bulimia twice and now I know to treat my body right, it's the only one I have

    4) I have a 5yo yorkie named hannah, I love her so much...the end

    5) I am locally known as an extreme couponer..this being due to finances being tight the past few  years, I go out at 7am every Thursday to be in my local grocery store..but I like the people there so much that once I moved 20 miles away the other week..I still drive there (I like them AND gotta take groceries to grams house too)

    6) I don't do dishes, FI does...another reason we dont fight he knew that from the start...so I cook..he cleans them haha

    7) I don't care about designer clothing but I will buy myself a new Coach item each year

    8) When anyone I know has a question about eBay they come to me..I ended up doing consignment after running my own business on there since the age of 18...sometimes now..I just get bored with it :-(

    9) I never met my dad, he didn't want a girl..so my mommy is walking me down the aisle

    10) I am terrified of palmetto bugs, spiders, and snakes..oh and lizards...but live in FL ahaha
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  • 1)  I didnt formally introduce myself to the board (soooo hello!)

    2)  I live in South Florida

    3)  I'm obsessed with TK

    4)  I've blown up (on more than one occassion) to family members recently because I felt like none of them were feeling the same sense or urgency I have regarding wedding stuff

    5)  I've thought about eloping

    6)  I have the cutest little puppy who is half yorkie, and half cockerpoo...so he's a cockerpookie!

    7)  I recently gave up coffee and am feeling the withdrawls

    8)  I love music and singing in my car

    9)  I'm in desperate need of a massage, manicure and pedicure

    10)  I secretly hope to win the lottery so I can quit my job :)
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