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Who do I pick to go dress shopping?

Here are my choices (Note mom refuses to as she is handing the money over and she HATES clothing shopping, and grams is outta the question she hates weddings but of course will make alterations to my dress and help out haha)

MOH...we shop together sometimes but not sure our style is the same

Lil sis BM (will be 17) BUT she may be out of the country when I shop

BM--we always shop together but she can be pouty and impatient when its not HER trying on clothing..also has no sense of budget and I dont want to be talked into something I cant afford. (mom is giving me $200 before she leaves and the rest in Oct..so I put the remainder on my CC for now)

My good gay guy friend who is also the DJ for our wedding

My best straight guy friend who is like a lil bro..he spent 7hrs in a two day span swimsit shopping with me in 09!

My gal pal who is baking for the wedding who loves dresses in general...

Other ideas? Not really wanting to take FMIL just because I think she would spill her guts....
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Re: Who do I pick to go dress shopping?

  • Who do you feel most comfortable with? It's hard for us to say who you should pick. Trust your judgement and take whomever's opinions mean most to you. 

    My dress shopping experience was nothing like what it's "supposed to be"- you put the one on and everyone cries. My Mom came once and she hated everything about every dress I put on. My MOH and sister were no help, they wandered the stores looking for bridesmaid dress. FI's sister and FMIL were the most helpful to me. They were honest and I trusted their opinions. So they were my shopping buddies for the remainder.

    My advice would be to choose the people you want to take, take one trip to feel everyone out and see who ends up being the most valuable. Good Luck!
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  • LoL Thanks...last night I asked the one BM after telling her my mom could not take the stress..and she jumped at it..I guess if I dont find the ONE with my BM and MOH I can take my guy pals....I am praying I find a dress the first time around at Alfred Angelo but if not then I need another trip to Davids haha
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