February 2012 Weddings

Need input from actual Feb Brides: Invites/Shower

Ok here is the deal, I posted on another board (as a reply to someone elses thread) what we were planning on sending out invite time wise and people said I would be punshing my guests for sending them out early.

Wedding date 2/26
Headcount for chair ordering at the venue for ceremony and food (family catering so they need to know in time) is balance DUE 2/1 at both venues

Someone suggested I send invites 1/1 and RSVP 1/26 (This I don't think is fair if someone sends it out to us on 1/25 and are out of state or our of the country) that only gives me four days (I don't make calls on Sundays except to family as a respect for most religions and rest day) to get any missing RSVPS..mind you over 50 are people I have NO CONTACT info for (So FMIL would have to hunt down)

I considered sending after Thanksgiving with a 1/14 RSVP date.

Any helpful non smart alec input for this?

The reason I also would like the invites out well before 1/1 is that my MOH will be sending invites for the bridal shower probably right after Christmas and I would feel SO STUPID for people to get bridal shower invites before a wedding invite.

In reality I can do whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks I want but I would appreciate some other Feb Bride input!
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