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someone posted about having nightmares related to the wedding. I started having nightmares last night. I was dreaming that when I went to pick up my dress I had gained alot of weight and that the girl at the store kept bringing me dresses and none of them were the one I ordered. I woke myself and Hubby2B up screaming at the lady to bring me the dress that I ordered. well, hope this doesnt continue to happen for the next 9 months.
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Re: nightmares

  • I had one last night myself..can't recall much of it just that I was determined to get where I was going even with no transportation LoL
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  • Had a nightmare that all of my planning wasnt falling into place at all so my fiance decided to just take things into his own hands and planned a wedding in two days... then invited me to "the wedding" without me knowing it, handed me a bouquet, and said "lets do it"

    ... some would say its not a nightmare but im a self-proclaimed control freak. haha
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