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Any 2-29-12 Brides?

I was looking at theknot's month board to see how far in advanced it goes.  I saw the 2012 board for February and wondered if anyone wanted to get married on Leap Year Day as I call it.
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    Yeah we are geting married on leap day! its my favorite day as are wednesdays and it is a unique and fun kind of day
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    I did get married on Leap Day.  2012 will be our "one" year anniversary, and since we eloped last time we're actually having an aniversary party.
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    We are having our wedding on Leap Year Day! I joked that FH would only have to remember our anniversary every four years and he'd have a TON of reminders so he'd never forget. The adoable man he is says nope we'll marry on that day but celebrate it the 28th cause he says I deserve that. AWE I love him! We chose that date because I want to get married in snow and the mountains still have it that time of year but its not crazy to travel in.
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