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This is my first post on this board.  I grew up a GR local, and am getting married next august in my FI's hometown, a small town in the Thumb area.  We don't really have a board for our location, which is an hour and a half north of Detriot.  So its fun to read what all of you guys are talking about, because I finally recognize so many of the places!Any how. I will probably lurk and give my ideas on the places I know.  Is any one familiar with where I am getting married?  Its just out side of Bad Axe by 30 minutes.
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    No, I'm sorry. :(  I hope you find stuff soon!  Is there anyone on the Detroit board that does?Google is your friend, btw!  Just keep looking and looking until your eyeballs fall out. lol
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    I am originally from the thumb, in a small town called Marlette. Where are you getting married at? I don't know specific places in Bad Axe, but I know people who have gotten married at Ubly Heights in Ubly, Lakeview Hills in Lexington and many people at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth.I decided to get married where we live now, in Lansing. I lurk this board a lot though because FI is from Holland and this board is usually more active!
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