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Master and Mistress of Ceremonies

Hi!!!!  This may sound like a stupid question. but, do any of you have a "check-list" of sorts that you gave your Master and Mistress of Ceremonies???  I am trying to put something together, but, besides picking up the flowers, and, possibly organizing any day-of decorating that may have to be done, I am basically clueless.  My MOC has requested a "list" and, I would rather have extra items on this list, than realize on my wedding day that I had forgotten to assign a specific duty, and it turned out to be a MAJOR snag!!!!!  TIA

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    Maybe list link will help. http://www.rachelgreen.com/cgi-bin/a.pl?tips142 think of them as your time keepers / problem solvers. MOC should keep everything running smooth and be the go to person if anything should happen. They can also be used to make sure gifts are safe. Make sure everyone gets a chance to eat and gets dessert. I'm using this outline and my MOC will have a copy http://www.weddinglinks.com/forms/FORMS-DAYof%20COORDINATION.pdf Good luck, HTH
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    My fiance and I were the master and mistress of ceremony and we got a list of how the few days were going to run. From the day of the rehearsal dinner to the end of the recept. It was outlined for us. Basically just make sure that they are keeping the guests happy and taking care of all the in's and outs. For example, I went up to the DJ and had him pronounce all of the names of the wedding party so when he introduced them, the DJ wouldn't pronounce the names wrong. I also made sure to keep an eye on the gifts and money box. We also put all flowers on the mens tuxes, made sure they all had bottled water at the ceremony. Gum was also handed out. I also made a basket full of bathroom stuff. We also told them when to walk down the aisle.I went early in the a.m. and picked up the flowers. Set up the church to look pretty. Lit all candles. Just make sure they know to stay on top of things. The bar tenders didn't know when to serve again, so the guests were complaining and I took care of that.It's a really really organized position and just remember, it's your day and they can worry about anything and everything.:-) Hope this helps...
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