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help!!!! please

i am all new to this whole wedding planning thing. my family has never planned a wedding and i would like to have a nice wedding for about a little less than $7000. I am looking in grand rapids for an affordable place to have a friday evening wedding and reception. does anyone know of any places that are decent prices? i have looked places up but i dont know what good prices are.

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    I would plug your budget into the Knot's budget calculator, which will give you an idea to start of how much you can spend in each category.  Then, use that as a rough indication of how much you can afford on a ceremony and reception venue.  HTH!!
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    The good news is that a Friday date will automatically save you a lot of money! In fact, sometimes you're offered special deals because venues can then make money Friday & Saturday in one weekend. A Friday date will also allow you more venue flexability seeing as how most weddings are held on Saturdays. Two things you have going for you already :) (Thumbs up!) Next, you need to prioritize what's most important to you. If venue location can take a back burner to lets say your photographer budget or your dress budget.. then you should look at cheaper venues like halls, restaurants, or community centers. If venue is a higher priority, then you're looking at spending a bit more because those places usually come with food/bev options included. These places are hotels and country clubs. To me, an all in one package was more helpful and worth the cost. I didnt want to add bartending and catering to my vendors "find" list. Next.. start chipping away at it. Make a list of the venue types that you've selected and start making calls/emails about pricing. Make sure to mention FRIDAY and inquire about the discounts offered and/or special deals. Once you start to narrow down your list, be sure to ask the message board/friends/family members if they know anything about the venue in question. Everyone on this board has been through it or is going through it. Between all of us, I'm sure we've all toured/tasted/tried anything wedding related that you can think of. We're here to help!!!
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    I'm on tight budget too - so here's some of the places I looked at that would've worked in my budget. Quail Ridge Golf Club - had some pretty decent packages, didn't charge for cake cutting and allowed you to bring in your own liquor Victorian Garden Parlor at Frederik Meijer Gardens - the room rental was pretty cheap, and they have on-site catering I believe, but this room only holds up to 70 guests, so not sure how big your guest list is San Chez had decent rates I thought - I had told them what kind of budget I was looking at and they sent me over a proposal that fit within the budget I also looked into the Hilton on 28th Street, and they had really good packages with basically everything included - so when comparing venues take whats included into consideration with what you'll have to book on top of that. We ended up choosing McFadden's because I wanted a room with a little more character than a banquet hall and wanted it to be downtown - and they had that and the price was definitely in our budget. The room only holds up to 150, so again - it depends on your guest list.
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    The most important thing you can do to help your budget, is to cut your guest list.  We're doing a pretty nice wedding on $7000 for around 60 people.  On a Saturday evening.  The ceremony will take place at St. Cecilia's Music Center, with dinner to follow at Bistro Bella Vita.  So far, they've both been amazing to work with, and are really going above and beyond in accommodating my requests for menu and decor.  Check out the Budget board for more ideas on how to keep everything under control.  It doesn't have to be a super skimped out wedding.  You can do something amazing with $7000- I promise!!
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    double check with your venue choices because sometimes friday and saturday nights are the same price where a sunday is much less.
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    Look at the Knights of Columbus Hall rental in Wyoming Michigan. It's right off of 54th street and Clyde Park. I have a meeting with Paul tomorrow at 3:30pm for October 9th date! Yay! Anyways, it's $19.95 per person (200 minimum), plus 5 hours open bar, and if you cater through them, the hall is free! So our recept came to $4990. That's the cheapest place I have found for 200 people. It's really a steal! Good luck...oh, and Paul is the HARDEST person to get ahold of, so just keep trying and leaving messages. It took me over a month to get him to meet us bc he was never there! Also, I believe the Friday nights are way cheaper than Saturdays. Good luck!:-)
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