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Band in the Triad area??

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a band to perform in the Triad area? The wedding is not for another year, but I'm starting the search early!

Re: Band in the Triad area??

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    My friend had Rubberband play at their wedding and everyone loved them.  One of the guys in the band is Ben Fold's Five's brother. They did a good job getting the crowd into the music without being cheesy. Everyone from the grooms grandmother to the brides young cousins enjoyed them. 

    I am not sure what the band cost but I do know that since the band is from Greensboro they got a discount since they didn't have to travel to preform. HTH!

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    We used the Tsunami Wave Riders out of Charlotte for our beach wedding last year.  They were awesome! They do beach type music but also do a great mix and classic rock, country, and great dance music.  I recommend their version of Shout! which had everyone at our wedding dancing.

    They were reasonably priced considering they are a 6 piece, award winning  band and they stayed over night in Wilmington for our wedding.  If you can put a 50% deposit down, they take an additional 20% off the total cost.
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    We are having Hip Pocket play at our wedding. They are actually from Burlington. We've heard them in person and they do a great job with a good mix of music -- beach, country, 80s, etc.
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    Liquid Pleasure or Sleeping Booty if you want the best party bands around. Craig Woolard Band if you want the best beach band around. 
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