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Catering that isn't way expensive??!

I'm having a real tough time finding some place that wont cost me an arm and a leg. I just wondered if any of you lovely ladies had any suggestions. My finace and I are tying to pay for this wedding ourselves and catering is the biggest hurdle we are facing. I've been looking from Grand Rapids, Holland to Muskegon and I just am at a loss. I would so apperciate any suggestions you have (:

Re: Catering that isn't way expensive??!

  • We're having our wedding in Grand Rapids next fall and using Taste of Heaven out of Sunfield. Depending on where your wedding is, you may want to contact Sue to see if they are available. They are SUPER reasonable, very accomodating and we received rave reviews from several family friends who hired the company for their own weddings.

  • I would call Tesa Kays Catering. She is great to work with, priced way better than most.
    616-514-9981 . You will be very happy with her..
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    [QUOTE]I would call Tesa Kays Catering. She is great to work with, priced way better than most. 616-514-9981 . You will be very happy with her..
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    I am having the SAME problem. Our reception is at the Goei Center, and we have to go with one of their approved vendors. I have checked out every single vendor on the list, and I contacted all of them for a quote. We were about to go with Martha's Catering, until they dropped the ball and not only half-a**ed the estimate I asked for, it took almost 3 weeks to get. Another vendor never got back to me, and there was another one who took a week and a half! I would think if they wanted your business, they would be more courtious. Just sayin. So to end my rant, we are right back where we started.
  • Some restaurants do catering.  I have also seen it where brides just purchase all the food from GFS (its probably the same place your caterer is getting it from) and then get a dish service to make the place settings look fancy.  I know there is a good dish company in Montague called Debby Does Dishes.  They might at least be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Have you tried Affordable Feasts? The name kind of says it all. Or Catered Creations? They are both in Grand Rapids.
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