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Is David's Bridal Really THAT bad?

I've always just assumed I would get my dress from David's Bridal because Its nearby and I'm limited budget-wise, plus I love that I can go online and look at all their dresses, instead of going to another place's site... then having to look at all the brands they sell and not being guaranteed that those dresses will be there.

I got a prom dress from David's in high school and don't remember it being that bad, but I was young so who knows.

I don't want the added stress of dealing with a crappy bridal salon and I know people are most likely to post opinions if they had a negative experience so I'm just looking for some more comments!

Thanks, people :)

Re: Is David's Bridal Really THAT bad?

  • I think it really depends on the individual store/branch and the people that work there. I used the DB in GR on 28th St (Centerpointe Mall) and I had no problems. I got my dress & my BM's dresses there. Everything came in during the timeframe quoted, in the color we wanted, and alterations were a breeze.
  • i live in minneapolis, but all my bridesmaids and my wedding is in GR so i just assumed we'd use DB for my bridesmaids dresses since it would be easy. i went with my maid of honor and we just hated the selection. i didn't have a problem with the staff, i just thought all the short dresses were super short and the long dresses were empire waisted and not good for my one busty bridesmaid. i was disappointed with only that. good luck!
  • I also live out of state and originally planned on buying my bridesmaid dresses elsewhere, but while in GR this past week we chose dresses from DB. Yes, the selection is limited...but if you can find something you like and your BM's live everywhere like mine do it really is easy. You can just order online and have it shipped right to your house if you can't make it into a store. I didn't buy my gown there (I almost did though), I bought my gown at Bridal Gallery on 44th street and I really love the customer service. DB is lacking a little bit in that area, none of my consultants seemed to know much. Actually, the consultant that helped us into BM dresses last week shared that she bought her own gown from Bridal Gallery instead of DB. I have heard that DB alterations can take a while, my BM's plan to do their alterations at local places instead. Hope this helps!
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  • I'm with akhensley--it's honestly hit or miss. I got my dress and my bridesmaid's dresses from the DB on 28th street in GR. Sometimes I had great customer service. Other times I didnt. If you go to the particular DB, request Detra. She's honestly the only one there I didn't mind dealing with.
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  • I took my daughter to David's Bridal on 28th St. in Grand Rapids (our 3rd visit to a salon) and everything was fine until after she tried on her first dress.  There was another bride next to us with another consultant and all of a sudden, our consultant left us to go help the other bride and other consultant.   My daughter tried on the next two dresses and we expected the consultant to eventually come back.  We stood there, took pictures, & even took a video of the whole thing.  Our consultant turned to us, asked my daughter if she liked the dress, (to which my daughter responded that she did), then she turned back to the other bride & consultant.  She never did come back to help us. My daughter simply got dressed and we left...and never returned!

    We heard about Becker's Bridal in Fowler (about a 45 minute to an hour drive from GR) and decided to try there!  There was night-and-day difference from any other bridal salon we had visited.  Becker's was definitely worth the trip and the dress my daughter found there was absolutely breath-taking!  I kept hearing that "you can't beat Becker's"...well, now I believe it!  I highly recommend them!
  • I did go to the David's on 28th St.  Just don't go on a Saturday.  They were so busy... we got there early thinking we could maybe get in and out quicker since we had engagement pics scheduled.  No.  She forgot we were there and we didn't get in until past my appointment time.  The consultant was really nice but clearly REALLY busy and running all over.  I just didn't find anything I like and I think they sell a lot on price so there was a lot of "but it's only $200!" 
    I got my gown from Wally's in Fowlerville - they are fantastic to deal with.  It works better for me since I live in Brighton, also. 
  • I had my own wedding as well as a friends in the secound half of last year. DB was nothing but a royal pain in my rear end! I had to buy the dress fro my friends wedding there, and I was not happy to have to give them ANY of my money! I can honestly say that I will never EVER step foot in there again! For my own wedding I had everything custom made at Pam's Custom Sewing and Alterations in Hudsonville. My girls we are really really happy with their dresses, as well as the prices. The one major positive to custom is you alteration costs are all wrapped up in the cost. Because they are made specifically to fit each individual person. Thee  draw back is it can be a bit time consuming. I bought all of my undergarments from Bridal Gallery on 44th and Megan was the best. She was supper nice and very helpful even thought all I was buying was my undergarments.
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  • I know this is an older post but I just had a great experience at the DB at Centerpointe Mall. I had an appointment on a Sunday, as soon as doors opened. It was very busy when we left, but I had great attention from my consultant. I had stacked appointments (bridesmaid dresses at 12 and wedding gown at 1) and my consultant was great. She made everything very painless. I'd definitely go back. I ended up buying my dress and ordering bridesmaid dresses that day. I've heard good and bad things, so it's really hit or miss. If you see something you like on their website, it's worth trying.
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  • SEE CHERRY, you will NOT hate this place!!
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